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Today, there are many different materials, different styles of kitchen sink, but how to choose a suitable kitchen sink, at the same time, to maximize the convenience of kitchen operations? The sink is a necessity Home Furnishing kitchen life styles, types of choice is proper will be related to the day after the Home Furnishing life convenient and comfortable and beautiful decoration, so in the purchase of kitchen sink must not blindly. Next, we will introduce the kitchen sink selection skills and kitchen sink installation notes.

Kitchen sink selection skills

1, space

Now the market sink style variety, then what should we pay attention to in the tank? In the water tank selection, according to the size of the kitchen space choice, in the kitchen sink design, its function is obviously expanded. The small kitchen space family is suitable for single slot, only to meet the most basic cleaning function, the double groove of modern home decoration is widely used, can effectively meet the clean and separate processing, three slot or picture tank because of the unusual design, suitable for large area with personalized color used in the kitchen, it at the same time with soaking, washing, storage and other functions.

2, material

In the family life, the sink is used a lot, so what should we pay attention to when we choose the sink? Stainless steel sink selection, the most critical point is the sink material, and now the market more common sink materials include: 304# material, stainless steel, 202# stainless steel, 201# stainless steel and so on. Stainless steel sink material is the biggest difference in its corrosion resistance, of which 304 best, 202 slightly worse, 201 times, of course, sink prices are far from each other. Usually stainless steel sink in the production process, common processing are: pearl silver surface, matte wire drawing surface, mercerizing surface, polished mirror surface and so on.

3, style

With the continuous progress of society, the level of technology has been greatly improved, stainless steel sink in the style, type, material, shape and so on are different. In the sink to buy modelling design is particularly important choice, considering the convenient and practical point of view, you can choose a small &ldquo cluster; ” sink, the sink can freely adjust the amount of water used in the process, can also be used for small tank drain cleaning good dishes, vegetables etc.. From the point of view of space saving, the circular water tank can make full use of the corner space and choose a pentagon or 1\/4 arc shaped trough, which can effectively make use of the corner space which can not be used in daily life.

4, process

What are the considerations for sink selection? After washing the water tank, luster, no stains, oil control, material, antifouling and other aspects of the tank is preferred when considering important factors, and secondly, in the water tank selection, trough thickness is best to reach 1mm. Sink, close no weld welding quality is a key factor affecting the service life of the water tank, the higher degree of exquisite workmanship thin edge, the higher the degree of agreement with the table, so pay attention to the purchase in the sink thin edge roughness. Choose to view the tank surface treatment process, sand abrasion resistance, but easy to gather dirt, Matt has high light brightness, durability is sanding.

5, accessories

The sink is heavily used in our daily life, so what should we pay attention to in the selection of the sink? What are the ways to choose a sink? In the water tank purchase, the choice of accessories is also particularly important, and the choice of accessories is directly related to the service life of the sink. The plastic pipe in the sink, especially the hose, is not hot resistant, easy to aging, prone to interface shedding and water leakage and so on. PP material under the water pipe sealing high, can effectively prevent leakage. Although the sink will not seep, but the outer wall of the tank is prone to water vapor, water vapor is very detrimental to the use of cabinets. It is better to apply a special coating on the outside of the tank, not only to absorb moisture, but also to reduce the noise caused by the collision between the water and the sink when washing.

Kitchen sink installation notes

Table 1, the left position. The kitchen sink is installed, the table position should be set aside and sink volume coincides with the purchase table should provide to the sink will be roughly suppliers, so as to avoid unnecessary rework.

2, the junction should be firm, the water pipe on the faucet is connected to the water inlet switch at one end, the installation should pay attention to the junction of solid, but also pay attention to the location of hot and cold water pipes, do not make mistakes.

3, the overflow hole, a filter basket seal overflow hole and filter blue sealing degree is the effect of days after the use of the sink, so the overflow hole, filtering blue sealing degree is very important, installed seal is necessary to check the overflow hole, filter basket.

4, look at the sink installation process, the installation of water tanks should be step-by-step, can not reverse order! Especially in the process of construction workers, attention should be paid to each installation steps, so as not to encounter some qualifications inadequate construction team.

5, the installation of water pipes shall be discharged in the sink installation must take the water drained, if installed without the water drain, will lead to the sink, day after Water Leakage rust situation.

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