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With the improvement of preschool education, the residents of the areas are mostly equipped with perfect facilities of kindergarten, but many kindergartens are similar, the decoration is also very difficult to see in the kindergarten characteristics, in the decoration should not only focus on the corridor, exterior, interior decoration is quite exquisite kindergarten. Kindergarten is the birthplace of the future flowers and pillars of the motherland, and all aspects of the kindergarten are related to children’s health and growth. Kindergarten interior decoration materials are also deeply related to the health and development of young children. How to decorate the kindergarten room? What should be paid attention to in choosing the interior decoration materials of the kindergarten? Below, may as we come together to understand it.

How to decorate a kindergarten room?

1, kindergarten design points: flat layout should be clear zoning, to avoid mutual interference, convenient use and management, is conducive to traffic evacuation. Children’s living rooms are strictly prohibited in the basement or semi basement. Room interior height: activity room, bedroom, living room full of not less than 2.80 meters, the sound activity room of not less than 3.6 meters. Don’t leave the kitchen and bathroom. These are the two places that best reflect the health of the kindergarten. It should not be overlooked.

2, large toys can be arranged indoors or outdoors, according to the needs of the purchase of the appropriate style, model. There are so many kinds of toys that you can ask the toy dealer for the purchase plan. The ground of large toys should be soft and flexible. It should be noted that the durability of the toy structure is checked regularly.

3, sports and leisure places, different scale kindergarten design layout is not the same, a distinction between indoor and outdoor, indoor small kindergarten in kindergarten, wall decoration, diversification is the most commonly used ceramic tile, paint brush, making the wall mural, was put up by Handmade or crafts. There are more and more kindergartens use cartoon murals to decorate the walls, wall decoration has gradually become the kindergarten kindergarten indoor environment to decorate a main part, which can be used to create a good environment and adapt to education.

4, the campus landscape, some large nursery area rich to have this job, and a professional green management personnel, in addition to ordinary planting green plants and flowers, I suggest we planted some fruit trees, such as peach color. In view of safety, trees with branches should be placed in non sports places. Small kindergarten is usually decorated with some flower potted plants or plastic imitations.

There are several problems in interior decoration of kindergarten

Children usually interior decoration actually has many problems, these problems have not received the kindergarten managers and designers attention, apparently design of kindergarten environment for the development of children’s body is a part can not be ignored. The kindergarten culture, without systematic research and planning, did not understand the development of children’s needs it’s hard to say, what can best reflected in the construction of the kindergarten. Kindergarten construction must conform to the characteristics of children’s growth, and knowledge construction can help children gain experience and life. Through different areas, in order to meet the requirements of children in different age levels in the development of the kindergarten, many domestic exist some misunderstandings, which can lead to the importance of environmental design in the kindergarten gradually decline.

Because of our common Kindergarten Based Small and medium, and in the management of Western kindergarten has conceptual differences, so our kindergarten in the design are often not enough attention, more and more kindergartens through education teaching materials and activities of funds invested in a larger proportion, often ignoring the decoration design process, not seriously considering the connotation of environmental education, decoration materials at the take, so it is difficult to meet the environmental requirements for children in kindergarten, some designers not starting from the child’s point of view, ignoring the environment as the invisible education effect. Causes the child to have even the weary negative emotion to the space.

In the traditional design ideas, there are also monotone stereotypes, no level rendering requirements, resulting in a lot of space is wasted, the loss of a large number of resources can not be fully coordinated is widely used, some old ideas to enable the designer to design with long break the normal procedure, not very new, did not reflect the campus culture in the overall planning of the kindergarten no, children’s physical and mental development of the reflected, so many thoughts of designers out of barriers, with their own design ideas unique for kindergarten adds a touch of green. Because there is no full use of space, resulting in the overall layout of the kindergarten is small, crowded, cannot provide more entertainment space, this design does not take into account the whole kindergarten aesthetic orientation, color collocation is not fully considered, resulting in dark environment low-key, these are the legacy of traditional design problems.

What should be used for interior decoration materials in kindergarten?

Kindergarten decoration materials should be pollution-free, easy to clean up as the principle, as far as possible to select natural materials, the less the number of intermediate processing, the better. Such as diatom mud coating, in line with this principle, natural environmental protection, scrub.

Aerobic diatom diatom mud wall material can create more comfortable growth space for children. The adsorption of harmful substances at the same time, the micro hole surface will change with the indoor temperature, constantly absorbing and releasing moisture, and diatom mud water molecules into positive and negative ions floating in the air, has a strong bactericidal ability. At the same time, the fine pores of oxygen rich diatom mud can greatly reduce the propagation of sound waves in the air, so the effect of sound insulation and noise reduction is very remarkable. In addition, diatom mud with inorganic pigment color, soft colors, so as to protect the eyesight of the children, also has a fire retardant, not easily stained with dust, metope color timeless etc.. Oxygen should be more diatom mud silica products soft and delicate, the wall is better than wallpaper, feel smooth and soft, can prevent children’s tender skin scraped the wall, the wall material is preferred, the real kindergarten children.

Oxygen should be more diatom mud, is currently mainly high-grade hotels, clubs, offices, apartments, indoor venues, schools, hospitals, kindergartens and other commercial space use more. Regardless of decoration, or tooling, in short, emphasis on environmental and ecological green decoration customers will choose the diatom mud as wall material. Diatom mud is the interior wall of a dress, worry, comfort, peace of mind, heart, heart.

Editor’s summary: the above is the kindergarten interior decoration materials selection should pay attention to what the relevant knowledge introduction, hope to help to have the needs of friends! For more information, please continue to focus on our website and the follow-up will present more exciting content.

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