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Nursery decoration budget includes some material costs, labor costs, design costs, and remove the artificial design fee, material fee is also a kind of a small overhead, in the purchase of decoration materials of the kindergarten can listen to the advice of experts. Kindergarten decoration related to the healthy growth of children, therefore, in kindergarten decoration, we must choose environmentally friendly health decoration materials. Then, how should the kindergarten decoration materials be chosen? If you have this demand, you might as well follow me!

What materials should be prepared for kindergarten decoration?

Classroom, lobby, activity room, music room

1. building materials categories: floor tiles, paint, skirting line, PVC flooring, paint, gypsum line

2. lamps and lanterns: main lamp, spot light, floor lamp

3. fabric categories: Curtains

4. Hardware: curtain rails, door lock, hinge, door stopper, switch panel, power socket, TV, air conditioning socket socket.

Two, kitchen, corridor

1. building materials categories: floor tiles, wall tiles, ceiling, cabinets

2. lamps and lanterns: main lamp, spot lamp, cabinet lamp

3. appliances: cooker, cooker hood

4. Hardware: sink, faucet, sink drain, door lock, hinge, door stopper, switch panel, power socket, angle valve.

Three, the bathroom

1. building materials: floor tiles, wall tiles, ceiling

2. lamps and lanterns: main lamp, spot lamp

3. appliances: fan, Yuba

4. toilet ware: Children’s toilet, children’s rain, shower screen

5. Hardware: toilet paper rack, rack, towel bar, towel rack, soap rack, clothes hook, bathtub faucet, door lock, hinge, door stopper, switch panel, power socket, angle valve, shower, basin faucet

Kindergarten decoration materials how to choose?

First of all, the kindergarten floor decoration should be paved with anti slip materials so as not to prevent the children from falling down. Conditional kindergarten can choose environmentally friendly plastic flooring, which can ensure environmental health, but also to avoid child falls.

Second, because the lively children, often on the wall of graffiti or soiled hands shoot left little handprint on the wall, therefore, in order to solve this problem, the best choice of kindergarten wall are easy to clean and convenient replacement materials.

Third, kindergarten should set yellow and blue two color security tips, yellow to children, blue to the teacher. The yellow safety tips for children should be as simple as possible so that children can read them at once.

Fourth, kindergarten door panels should try to avoid the use of large core board to do the core of the compound door, because of its formaldehyde content and release volume is relatively high, will directly threaten the child’s health.

In addition, the floor of the children’s activity room should not use carpet because it is easy to absorb dust mites in the dust, which is harmful to health. Should not pave the foam puzzle, because the puzzle contains formaldehyde and a certain amount of benzene.

Edit summary: buy for their own nursery decoration materials, as far as possible to save money, here also suggest you consult the nursery decoration company, specifically what to buy materials, especially that nursery decoration materials must choose green environmental protection, to ensure that children’s health is very important.

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