Juita veteran center Jeremy to return to the Baltimore crow

August 19th – Jeremy – juita tiger (Jeremy Zuttah) to Baltimore crow.

Crow announced Friday that they have signed the veteran center.

Juita contract for a period of 2 years, the basic salary of nearly $4 million, plus up to $6 million in bonus time.

The crow in May this year will be juita traded to the San Francisco 49 people, they got a sixth round pick in return. But 49 people last week cut juita.

After being laid off juita quickly get the other team to throw the olive branch, he visited the Indianapolis Colts earlier this week, but in the end he thought back to the crow.

The 31 year old juita last season as the crow started 16 games and was first elected to bowl occupation.

Sign juita solves a major loophole by Crow injuries inside the attack on the front. The first team left guard Alex – Lewis (Alex Lewis) (shoulder) and backup guard Nico Siragusa (Nico Siragusa) (knee) has been the season. Center John Urschel (John Urschel) in this offseason announced his retirement.

Juita familiar crow offense, so his return is wise. The sign may mean that previously served as the center of the Ryan Jensen (Ryan Jensen) will be moved to the guard and James – Hearst (James Hurst) competition.

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