Japan developed the world’s highest strength ceramic materials

112199887111121991998871211219982387 It is reported that the Saga County Kiln Technology Center, located in Yutaka, Japan, has developed ceramic materials with enhanced strength of 1.5 times.
Compared with the general ceramic, its strength to reach its 3 to 5 times, is the “world’s highest strength of ceramic materials.”
The newly developed ceramic material has a flexural strength of 350MPa.
This ceramic material and the general ceramic, the 1300 degrees from the high temperature firing.
The ceramic is basically made of bone and glass, and the glass contains bubbles.
The bubble is a cause that the strength is increased and the breakage is caused.
Therefore, the bubble is made small at the time of firing, and at least the strength can be improved.
And the use of newly developed materials can be easily designed to develop thin edge products.
In addition, due to reduced damage, the cost will be reduced.
1121128811211219982387 Source: Aviation Industry Information Network

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