It’s expensive. Is it worth using an air heater?

Throughout the water heater market, there are four main types: gas water heater, electric water heater, solar water heater and air energy water heater. As the water heater in the “ &rdquo, God’s favored one new fourth generation water heater; — — air to water heater prices than the former three more expensive, hundreds of thousands of dollars or even several million. The price is so expensive. Is it worth using the air heater?
In this regard, the air industry insiders believe that the price of air heaters can not be expensive, mainly in the cost. As a high-end water heater products, the development of air water heater, attaches great importance to build quality, attention to Seiko manufacturing and innovation upgrade, resulting in higher costs.
At present, an air heater price between 4000-20000 yuan, compared with the traditional water heater (gas and electricity) is slightly more expensive, but the air can bring water heater safety, energy saving and environmental protection and other benefits, the former is incomparable.
(1) energy saving. The air energy water heater can absorb the free heat in the air to heat the same amount of hot water, and the energy cost is only 1\/3 of the gas water heater and 1\/4 of the electric water heater, and the energy saving effect is remarkable.
(2) life expectancy. According to regulations, the use of gas water heater electric water heater for 6 years, 8 years are over. Although the traditional water heater when buying cheap, but monthly electricity charges high, in the long run, or new products more cost-effective.
(3) safety. Products are valuable, safe and priceless. Gas water heater burning gas heating, there are explosion, poisoning and other security risks, electric water heater is also the danger of leakage.
In addition, from a macro point of view, the air can water heater heating without any pollution, low carbon environmental protection, and our promotion of green development is very consistent.
Experts pointed out that with the improvement of living standards, people in the selection of water heaters have been less emphasis on prices, but more emphasis on safety, energy saving, environmental protection and other performance. Therefore, in the future, air energy water heater will increasingly be favored by users, and ultimately dominate the water heater market.

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