It will pass in 2016 in the “change” in the stone industry development

[2016, the stone industry “ change ” can be summed up with seven key words. Stone is an indispensable material for interior decoration, stone industry is also a mature industry. However, with the diversification of market competition, competition within the industry has become increasingly encouraging. A few years ago, China’s stone industry has begun to change the trend, will speed up in 2016. If with the traditional advantages of some industries Companies in 2015 are still wait-and-see, even resist the Internet, mobile Internet, electricity supplier to bring the touch neither painful nor itching will be the first year of 2016, so most stone enterprises began to carry out the strategic layout of the internet.
    2016; stone industry’s “ change ” can be summed up in seven key words.
    1. Internet exploration: today, the Internet thinking has become a consensus, more and more industries into the Internet thinking. Stone industry also actively into the internet. O2O, OTO sales model is based on the network platform and big data integration, stone industry into the electricity supplier, it will inevitably lead to changes in sales channels, changes in sales patterns, as well as changes in the profit model.
    two, the new generation of consumers: in 2010, a group of 80, 90 groups in the new consumption concept and values gradually become the market mainstream, their concept of life, the idea of personalized and unique consumer, drives the stone industry transformation. Stone is not only indoor decoration can be used, some stone carving of creative products, more and more people have been sought after. The unique originality of stone handicrafts will lead to a new mode of consumption.
    three; channel changes in the situation: stone industry actively integrated into the Internet, and its sales model will inevitably bring change. At present, the stone industry hopes to establish a complete industrial chain, and many places to build industrial parks industrial clusters, the traditional sales channels have been reformed.
    four, promotion campaign and normalization: Stone Home Furnishing development today, has lost a good time is the real estate industry belt to run forward, in the competition to enter the “ when the &rdquo bayonet charge; become the inevitable means of business promotion.
    five, brand remodeling: consumer population changes will inevitably lead to the rebranding of change, how to deal with the new generation of new consumer groups, consumer groups they want to hear, do they love to participate in the dissemination of the contents of the stone become unavoidable topic Home Furnishing.
    six, changes in the market structure: the overall slowdown in 2015 Home Furnishing stone to the market in many enterprises due to be taken by surprise the slow development of the real estate market, and caused a new home decoration market is shrinking in the 123 City, the growth of the market focus in the process of urbanization in the 456 level market.
    seven, the integration of the industry: in 2015, the stone industry leading brands and the top five brands have a good growth, opened the following brand distance, is expected in 2016, industry consolidation will be further intensified, integration is inevitable.
    a strong impact on the face of the Internet trend, stores, stores shuttered news constantly, everyone in the transformation of thinking like! Times change, social change, the business model is changing, everything is changing, you ready? Transformation imperative!

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