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The modern city construction pace more and more quickly, the city continues to expand the scale of infrastructure construction and to adapt to the needs of the scale has been expanded, the city water consumption increasing, drainage volume is also growing, water pipeline management, maintenance and dredging work is also more and more. As a result of sewage pipes often residents poured sewage and other debris, as well as infrastructure sites, cement mortar and other issues, resulting in these debris precipitation, siltation. Excessive deposition will cause the blockage of the pipeline, if not timely cleaning, dredging, sewage will cause overflow, environmental pollution, economic losses, to clean the dirt by traditional methods is not enough, so it must be cleaned with high pressure water jet pipe, concrete with high pressure water jet cleaning pipeline can be cleaned? Let’s have a look.

High pressure water jet cleaning is a high-tech cleaning technology emerging in the world in recent years. The so-called high pressure water jet, dredge the car will ordinary tap water pressurized to hundreds or thousands of atmospheric pressure by high pressure pump with high pressure pipeline, and then through a special nozzle (diameter of only 1-2 mm), at very high speed (200-500 M \/ s) from a set of highly energy flow.

Because of the high pressure makes the continuous flow as small pellet has a huge blow to energy, steel plate cutting, sand casting, metal rust, can effectively remove the inner surface of pipes, such as salt, alkali dirt blockage. This large flow of energy is used for cleaning, i.e., for high pressure water jet cleaning.

High pressure water jet cleaning mainly has the following advantages

1, metal corrosion: as a result of pure physical methods, there is no corrosive effect on the metal.

2, cleaning costs low: first of all, high pressure water jet medium is tap water, it is easy to source, widespread. In the process of cleaning, because the energy is strong, without adding any filler and detergent, it can be cleaned, so the cost is very low. Secondly, water and energy saving, the cleaning method and fire water, fine jet nozzle diameter, with only 0.5-2.5 mm, the water consumption of only 3-5 cubic meters \/ hour, the dynamic power of 37-90 kilowatts, it is energy saving equipment.

3, cleaning speed: as a result of water jet (foreign water bombs) erosion, and split, shear, grinding and other composite fragmentation, the debris can immediately break off. It is several times to several times faster than traditional chemical methods, sandblasting, shot blasting, simple mechanical and manual methods.

4. The cleaning quality is good. When cleaning the inner hole of the pipe and the heat exchanger, the dirt and the blockage in the pipe can be completely eliminated, and the metal body can be seen. High pressure water jets with enormous energy and supersonic motion can completely destroy hardened debris and blockages, but they do not do any damage to metals. At the same time, because the pressure of the high-pressure water is less than the compressive strength of the metal or reinforced concrete, there is no damage to the pipeline. Achieve high quality cleaning.

5, no environmental pollution: water jet cleaning, unlike sand blasting, blasting and simple mechanical cleaning, produce a lot of dust, pollute the atmosphere, damage human health. Unlike chemical cleaning, it produces a large amount of acid and alkali waste liquid which can pollute the road, soil and water. Water jet is to tap water as medium, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, jet atomization spray, can reduce air dust concentration in the work area, the atmospheric dust by other means of 80 mg \/ cubic meter reduced to a safe national standard of 2 mg \/ m3, the eradication of silicosis disease, eliminate the pernicious influence of acid and alkali waste liquid. Our country is an important measure of environmental protection.

6 wide application: any water jet can direct to the site, regardless of pipeline and the inner cavity of the vessel, or the equipment surface, whether hard fouling, or solid blockage, can make it immediately from the mother, thoroughly cleaned, the cleaning method has no special requirements for material and equipment the characteristics, shape and scale types, only requires the ability to direct, therefore its application is very extensive.

The principle of high pressure water jet cleaning

Is a high pressure water using high pressure pump, and through a pipe to the nozzle, and then convert the high pressure low flow water jet high pressure high velocity jet, and then to the high impact energy, a continuous role in the surface to be cleaned, so that dirt off, finally realize the cleaning purpose.

Characteristics of high pressure water jet cleaning

(1) select the appropriate pressure level, high pressure water jet cleaning will not damage the substrate of the cleaning equipment.

(2) it is washed with ordinary water at high speed, so it does not pollute the environment, does not corrode the equipment, does not cause any mechanical damage, and can also remove the chemical cleaning, insoluble or insoluble special dirt.

(3) the cleaning equipment and parts need not be cleaned again.

(4) it can clean the parts with complicated shape and structure, and can be cleaned in the narrow space, complex environment, bad and harmful occasions.

(5) it is easy to realize mechanization, automation, and convenient for digital control.

(6) energy saving, high cleaning efficiency and low cost.

Why use high pressure water jet to clean pipes?

1., the traditional way to solve the problem of clogging, bamboo dredging and dredging machine dredge, and these methods can only solve the temporary circulation of sewage, and can not fundamentally solve the problem.

Analysis of the causes of 2. pipe blockage: vegetable oil, animal fat, feces and other sticky logistics into the pipeline, sticking to the pipe wall, the formation of scale, hair, rags, the decoration of the residue, microbial growth will be the formation of scale, in the inner wall of the pipeline long accumulation, poor circulation or blocked pipeline.

3. high pressure water jet cleaning, water as the medium, through the special equipment system, so that the production of water, multi beam, multi angle, intensity of ultra high pressure flow cleaning, dredge pipe dirt, debris. High pressure water jet cleaning has a wide range of applications, high efficiency, low cost, short construction period, no chemical reaction, no damage to the environment, and no unnecessary troubles to customers. It is the first choice for difficult problems.

Summary: about the use of high-pressure water jet cleaning the pipeline, good information about it introduced here, and I hope this article will help you. If you don’t understand anything, you can leave a message for me in the bottom. Oh, we will answer for you as soon as possible.

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