Inventory of China’s top ten most beautiful night lighting city

With the development of society, people demand for urban night lighting is also getting higher and higher.
Light is not only used for lighting purposes, but become a tool to dress up the city night, Xiao Bian today, the inventory of the United States as suffocating China’s top ten most beautiful night lighting city, to readers.

1. Hong Kong – catching bustling urban landscape lighting

appreciation to recommend: Hong Kong Victoria Harbour

called “the Pearl of the Orient,” said Asian beautiful night, also known as one of the world’s three night, take the ferry to enjoy Victoria
Hong Kong’s charming night, feel the sea breeze gently blowing; Deng Taiping Peak at a glance Hong Kong Island night, deserved to top ten city night scene.

bright lights on both sides of Victoria Harbour as the Galaxy; Hong Kong Island side, from west to east, Central City, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, Mong Kok …… really like a shop with the stars in the past; one looked endless stream of headlights lighting is also
Worth a look.

2. Guangzhou – see lighted

night lighting appreciation recommend: Guangzhou Baiyunshan

for nightlife, the Internet also rumors have “six brand”: Baiyun night look, Pearl River Cruise, White Swan Pond creeping midnight snack bars
, Chuan Long to see the circus, up and down nine Beijing Road leisure shopping, Tianhe CBD white collar circle carnival.
Whether this induction is biased is not very good to say, but for the people of Guangzhou, the real wonderful day is from the beginning of the sunset.
Baiyun Mountain is another business card in Guangzhou, composed of more than 30 peaks, the Department of South Kunshan Mountains.
Looking at South Point, the foot lighted traffic rolling …

3. Xian – Xi’an night lighting night dreams Datang

appreciation to recommend: Xi’an Datang Furong Garden

night, dreams of Datang, experience the beauty of the ancient capital of Dreams

brightly colored night in Tang Paradise compared to the previous few hours before dark, introspective people more magic.
Gorgeous lights wrapped under the pavilions, showing a faction of the emperor meteorology.
Music and shadow, art and technology, romantic and legend blend of magic, interpretation of the ancient prosperity and contemporary prosperity of the epic picture of the epic.

4. Shanghai night – the night lighting admire amorous


night Shanghai Bund, Shanghai Night, you are a city that never sleeps …… “Shanghai nights are sleepless, night view of Shanghai is tempting, sleepless night
Shanghai, the top ten night lighting, including Anting Street, Huaihai Road, Jing’an Temple, Lujiazui, Nanjing East Road, pedestrian street, the streets of Shanghai, the streets of Shanghai,
people’s Square, Putuo Suzhou River, the Bund, Xintiandi, Xujiahui .

5. Hangzhou – after Renyuehuanghun

night lighting appreciation to recommend: West Lake in Hangzhou

Yuan Dynasty famous Italian traveler Marco Polo Like
As “the world’s most beautiful and luxurious city.” Today’s Hangzhou luxury of the gas slightly reduced, the quality of the soul is more moving.
West Lake of the United States, world-famous.
West Lake night romance, so that local people intoxicated; West Lake night exquisite, so that foreign visitors.
So how can the West Lake people do not love? “Three sides Yunshan side of the city,” the West Lake is the soul of Hangzhou.
Take the dragon boat night tour of the West Lake, feel the beautiful scenery with the day and the lake is completely different style.

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