Intelligent home appliances should start from the needs of the user experience should be guaranteed

[ten years ago, consumer demand for home appliances was mainly functional. For example, when it was hot, I wanted to be cool and warm during the cold weather. With the development of intelligent home appliances, intelligent Home Furnishing era, how to achieve the comfort of consumers become the focus of ascension of the whole Home Furnishing, such as indoor air purification, alleviate indoor hot, improve comfort, attention is paid to the overall user experience.
In fact, the core of the smart home is the connection between things, the upcoming different appliances associated, the overall service for consumers. Take consumers in recent years, the most concerned about the air, for example, frequent haze, the rapid development of the air purifier industry, while air-conditioning and vacuum cleaners are also increasing the function of clean air.
However, from the point of view of consumer comfort, simple air purification is not all, including air temperature and humidity, which are closely related to consumer comfort. Many consumers are in the spring will be dissatisfied with the weather, such as the southern region caused by Meiyu without stop damp, so “ &rdquo, “ depressed; tired of ” &ldquo, ” really uncomfortable complaints; etc..
This kind of influence consumer experience in the home environment, ten years ago in the functional home appliance era, in fact, it is difficult to change, and along with the development of smart home, but can improve.
In fact, the most important is the quality of indoor air temperature and humidity, quality, cycle of four dimensions, can through the network connection of electric fan, electric heater, air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and other products, and by means of indoor air real-time data, integrated use, effectively change the quality of indoor air and improve the indoor environment comfortable really let the house, learn “ respiratory ”. This will not only ensure good health for the family, but also make the living environment more comfortable.
This is not imaginary, nor belong to the future of science and technology, in fact, there are many home appliance manufacturers in the focus on the development of smart home.
In the process of intelligent home appliance industry, many enterprises become impetuous, see smart home fire, rushed to the launch of smart home appliances, in fact it is simply released a mobile phone App, provide remote control, voice control, reservation control operation. In many segments of the field of home appliances, this approach would be futile, climbing a tree to look for fish, that is not the purpose.
The enterprise should be close to the needs of users, from the perspective of users’ demands, such as daily life environment comfort, including fresh air, healthy drinking water, or the pursuit of entertainment, the user experience of the spirit, to provide users with the quality of the general experience.

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