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A cup of hot soybean milk is not only a cup of breakfast, but also a cup of beauty and beauty secret recipe. Now many people at home to make their own milk, a good soymilk machine can make our lives more difficult, then how to use the machine to do soybean milk? The following Xiaobian briefly describes how to use the machine to do soybean milk and drink soy milk taboo.

Making breakfast soybean milk with cooking machine

1, in advance soaked soybean, take the head of the cooking machine, open the lid, cooking machine will usually have a bean dregs filter screen, will be soaked soybean added to this filter, and then pour water. Put the nose in the fuselage. Close the lid, then switch on the power and start the soy milk.

2, soybean milk hit the process, Chinese medicine stopped 1 to 2 times. One is to let the motor rest, but also let his slag down precipitation. Every 1 minutes or so, 3~4 times, stir it.

3, hit, remove the head. Ready for the boiler, will pour a little water in the saucepan. Boil it, so it prevents soy milk from sticking to the pan. When the water boils, pour the soy milk out of the small mouth. Cook it with a small fire. The cooking process is constantly stirred by Chinese herbs to prevent it from sticking to the pan.

4, the soybean dregs poured into a filter, the soybean dregs do not waste, use the strainer to squeeze the soybean milk. This will make full use of it. Put the squeezed juice into the pan and cook it together. In the process of cooking, it is important to skim the floating foam, otherwise the scum will create a false boiling phenomenon, which will mislead people’s vision.

5, soy milk must be cooked with a small fire evenly cooked thoroughly, until the surface of a small bubble up evenly, this is the real boiling. Boil and cook for about 5 minutes. Eat undercooked soybean milk containing toxins, people eat later will have nausea and vomiting symptoms.

Notice for cooking machine:

1, in the disassembly or commissioning of the machine, you should first disconnect the power.

2, before using the cooking machine, should check the power cord, plug and other parts are damaged, if found that the machine damage, should immediately stop using.

3 、 the cup and the knife seat of the cooking machine can be installed on the main machine after being tightened, and the knife seat can not be installed on the host separately.

4, the cup and knife seat should be fully tightened, so as to avoid leakage of water at work and knife seat fall off.

5, the food placed in the cooking machine can not exceed the maximum size of the body capacity.

6, in the use of cooking machine, do not overheat food, that is more than 60 degrees Celsius food into the cup body heating, so as not to cause the rupture of the cup.

Drinking soy milk taboo:

When many people are heating soy milk, they see bubbles rising and mistakenly think they have boiled. In fact, this is the phenomenon that the organic substances in soybean milk are heated and inflated to form bubbles. They are not boiling, they are not cooked. Undercooked soya milk is harmful to the human body. Because soy milk contains two kinds of toxic substances, can lead to protein metabolism disorders, and stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, causing poisoning symptoms. The way to prevent soybean poisoning is to boil the soybean milk at 100 degrees high, and then drink it at ease. If you drink milk after the occurrence of headache, respiratory obstruction and other symptoms, you should immediately seek medical treatment, must not delay the time, in case of life-threatening.

Editor reminded: boiled soybean milk is easy to overflow pot, should be optimistic about the spoon can be stirred. You can also choose a larger pot of soybean milk, it will not overflow the pot. You can also add a variety of beans according to their own preferences, you can also add lilies, lotus seeds, wolfberry, but boiled with beans, you can do without soaking. About how to use the machine to do soybean milk related information, we introduced here, and I hope this article will help you. If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can pay attention to our family network. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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