How to rent business floor building materials stores contrarian resolve the pressure

[home building materials market cold these years, businesses protest stores rent up events frequently occur. Recently, Xi’an Daming Palace building materials home merchants joint anti rent event continues to ferment. In the face of up to forty or fifty of the rent increase, more than 200 merchants set up a rights committee, and after consultation with the mall after the failure of collective business, in order to attract attention to the mall. Of course, the best scheme of passive resistance is not deal with the store rent, and how to resolve the pressure of survival floor businesses?
The rent caused by contradictions Home Furnishing stores
In recent years, a second tier building materials market rental average rent rose more than 20%, the growth of this part of the cost must be digested by the dealers themselves. Sales blocked the increase in costs, affected by double pressure, a second tier city floor dealers are no exception, although sales depend on the manufacturer’s support and their own efforts are not much affected, but the operating efficiency is straight down.
The price of merchants have said reluctantly: “ I was a tenant of the building materials market, our market rents rise every year, every year will rise to about 1000 a year, but this year rose by 4500 a year, the price of our tenants are not acceptable, but this did not notice that to rise, there is no limit on how many every year or not? ” “ now, many businesses are in the store to get rich, selling building materials ‘ ’ under the temptation to join our sales team to the results of their dreams had been sweet temptation field sell them ruthlessly crushed. ” “ business people know as long as they can Friendliness is conducive to business success., business will stick to it, no one and &lsquo &rsquo to fight the landlord;. ”
In the market downturn in the background, there are stores and businesses should have what attitude to face? Both have their own a steelyard. As for the chiefs of the &ldquo and &rdquo Home Furnishing;;, dealers are waiting for.
This is the same in fratricidal?
With the spread of &ldquo to ” the rent tide; in a threatening manner came, standing on the same side to balance the interests of tenants, often are very united, independent component started negotiating alliance. In the negotiations failed, and no “ justice ” under the condition that the businessmen tend to rise up, or “ ” closed doors, or congestion in the stores and streets, pull up banners, exposing the evil &rdquo &ldquo stores;.
Stores and tenants should be the relationship between fish and water, this is the interests of the community, but with the Home Furnishing store step by step expansion, “ stores a single large, negative tenants hold to ” the situation has occurred, why this is the same root, but often contradictory, this is exactly the tenant “ &rdquo or &ldquo store overbearing; ” cruel;?
Now, rising rents has become a reality that must be faced, and how to resolve the rent because of pressure caused by the floor business? First floor, businesses can strengthen its operating capacity and profitability, to alleviate the pressure of rising costs; secondly, flooring businesses in their economic capacity can not bear the case can be considered do not open too large stores, all products, small and fine is a very good choice; thirdly, the increasingly fierce competition in the market today, in the face of rising rent pain, flooring companies need to continuously meet the consumer demand, find new innovations in the operating mode, in order to gain a foothold in the market.

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