How to quickly sell door and window dealers?

[opening remarks] refers to what the salesperson says to the target customer during the 30 to 1 minutes of the customer’s visit, almost the first few words. How to design attractive opening doors? How long the dealer salesman heart and wood dealers how to fast selling products in the fastest time to pull?
First, to praise customers as the starting point
Everyone has the desire to praise others, and it is easy to pay attention to proper compliments. Therefore, when visiting customers, it is an effective way to arouse customers’ attention by properly praising the customers of the wooden door salesman. There are many compliments, such as appearance, dress, temperament, style of conversation, work, position, ability, character, character, etc.. Any aspect of the other can be a compliment as long as it is just right.
Two, put yourself in the beginning of design
Salespeople who sell their products and talk too much about themselves and brag about their products make it difficult to attract customers. But if a salesperson stands in his or her client’s position and speaks for himself, he will win the other’s attention. Because of all the people, the biggest focus of attention than talk about related things, so the sales staff should be from the customer and sales information about relevant information staff, so that customers have attention to marketing. In real life, customers and sales are closely related to the information, which requires sales staff in accordance with the actual situation to be selected and flexible use.
Three, the use of customer curiosity design prologue
The design of customer curiosity of the opening, is easy to produce customer sales with curiosity of strangers and goods, direct its attention to the sales staff to sell, and seize the time to persuade customers to observe the products of customers, when customers know his real identity and intentions, may have to buy products the. Visit customers in the sales personnel, customers often refuse to suffer, when the sales staff the customer was rejected, can also use &ldquo to customers; just say a word ” small request such as forgiveness and curiosity, arouse the attention of the customer, once again aroused the thinking of the other party, which often can play a role to turn the tide.
Four. Promise benefits and benefits to customers
In the newspaper or on TV, we often see such advertising commitments: “ … &rdquo free … “,; two for one ” etc.. This kind of advertisement can arouse people’s interest in buying because it provides free benefits for people. When visiting a customer, especially an initial visit, you can grab a customer in a short period of time or a few words, or the likelihood of a rejection will increase rapidly. Therefore, it is important to open the door to promises of benefits and benefits. When a door salesman mentions a product or service, the customer’s first response is “&ldquo”; what does it do to me, ” and then the customary consideration is rejection. Everyone has the desire, therefore, seize the customer psychology, directly to make customers feel the door salesman can bring him the desire to meet the opportunity, the hearts of customers will open some doors, the clerk can increase the chances of success.
In five, litotes Gambit
In the customer’s impression, the sales staff is always trying to sell their products, based on the fixed impression, if the sales staff began to introduce their products, so customers will be subsumed into the fixed image to no attention, therefore, to break the customer’s thinking, but also a good way to attract the attention of customers of the sales staff.
Six. Begin with a thank you
When visiting customers, the sales staff can also use the “thank you” way as the opening remarks. For example, &ldquo, Mr. Zhang, how do you do? Thank you very much for giving me the chance to meet. I know that your work is quite busy, I’m very grateful to you for taking the time, then I will try to make a long story short, brief introduction of our company’s products. ” opening the way with thanks is a good opening. First of all, everyone has such a mentality that when he is thanked, he usually gets his self approval. Secondly, Chinese love “ face ”, the wooden door salesman to put on his busy career, “ ” high hat and be sincere thanks, he has been to the foot of the &ldquo &rdquo face;. Again, nomater refuse is a kind of hurt the feelings of the people, at the time of rejection often will not consciously find an excuse to justify himself not guilty conscience. The best reason for customers to work on door-to-door sales is “ I’m busy with ” “ I don’t have the time; ” this seemingly factual excuse. If the doors of the clerk began to put a &ldquo know you are very busy; ” point out this excuse, customers will have to find a good excuse, when he thought, the doors of the clerk for the time.

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