How to maintain a modular data center

It is important to maintain a stable operation of a modular data center. So the data center maintenance work is unavoidable, with completely dependent on people’s work and life of bearing data, data calculation, data center operation is playing a more and more important role, which highlights the important maintenance work.

When a data center is put into operation, the maintenance work begins, until the end of the life cycle of the data center. We can maintain data center work will be divided into four categories: one is the daily inspection; two is the application of change and deployment; three is the software and hardware upgrades; four is the emergency handling, the following is to say with the maintenance work, so that everyone on the maintenance of a picture.

The data center container computer room environment should also be checked, the environment temperature, humidity, dust is in line with the requirements. Air conditioning, power supply system to run well, the equipment is running hot, floors, skylights, fire, monitoring are part of the inspection. Unreasonable place to timely rectification. Although the need for repeated daily inspection, but very important, in the examination of the ongoing process, will be to the data center to understand more and more deep, so check every time there will be a new discovery, learning in the examination.

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