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The installation of glass door can be divided into frameless glass door installation and all glass door installation, two different types of glass door installation method. Frameless glass doors are fitted with an open glass door, each of which uses two or three rotating shafts to secure the glass door and keeps the glass door open. See here, I think the home is installed glass door friends certainly do not see clearly, and then we will see in detail how to install glass doors and glass door maintenance knowledge, we hope to help.

How to install glass door

Let’s first take a look at the relevant aspects of the installation of glass doors. The glass door is installed at the beginning of this article we all know is the door installed with all glass frame glass door, frameless glass door installation more convenient for the user to open, generally used for kitchen, shop door and other frequently used large door installation, the installation method is relatively complex, have a certain standard of wall and installation site width.

Installation method of all glass door, namely push pull type glass door installation method. Full glass door installation construction method is simple and convenient, the Aluminum Alloy frame fixed door is arranged at the lower end of the pulley, and slot groove, use relative frameless glass doors development effort, mainly for the bathroom door, bathroom door, living room and dining space doors and other places. The biggest advantage is to occupy space, small size, small Huxing home decoration in the use of very common.

Installation of glass door construction, it is necessary to do a good job before construction positioning, line work. Before the construction, do a good job of positioning and laying off work, so that the next installation work can achieve twice the result with half the effort. In the glass door before installation, construction drawings can be unified line positioning work to install glass doors and door frames, determine the frame position accurate measurement of surface elevation and frame top elevation and horizontal frame size higher standard.

Do a good job in the location of the glass door installation line work, then we have to measure the axis according to the size and installation box at the top of the limiting groove and the metal decorative wood base. In the process of installation, we need to pay attention to the width of the slot should be slightly larger than glass, to prevent the installation of glass when it is found that the installation or glass door is not loose, the installation of the glass door is crucial.

Install vertical door frame and install fixed glass door. The bomb line nail vertical door frame timbers, and then determine the shape and position of frame column with plywood. Finally, metal decorative surface is wrapped. The package finishes to finish butt joint position on the middle position installed on both sides of the glass. Seam position must be accurate and vertical.

Knowledge of glass door maintenance

In use, the glass door failure, there are three main reasons:

First, the glass door, handle and other metal parts in the long-term use of the process of falling off or other functional failure, the maintenance of the glass door surface metal parts can be removed and replaced;

Two is the glass door frame and glass door fixed box in continuous use, continue to wear and tear, affecting the product push and pull function, in this regard, the user needs to find a professional glass door repair shop, replace glass door, aluminum alloy material;

Three glass door, pulley and other internal parts damaged, users can purchase parts replacement.

以上关于How to install glass door以及Knowledge of glass door maintenance就简单介绍到这里了,希望对您有所帮助。更多资讯,尽在齐家网,敬请期待。

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