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We are in the kitchen lampblack machine clean guard, has become essential for the modern family kitchen tools, however, good tools are often clean, otherwise, a long time will not only form the environmental sanitation kitchen grease effect, but also affect the use of the lampblack machine, lampblack is not easy to remove. Not only clean lampblack confidential, smoke pipe blocked is troublesome, the pipe is blocked in the kitchen was full of smoke, the The atmosphere was foul. Then, how to clean the soot pipe what method, the following by small make up for everyone to see.

First, the introduction of soot pipe cleaning

Not often smoke pipe cleaning, there will be a lot of oil remaining on the surface of the hood and the smoke pipe, a long time will form a smoke pipe cleaning grease, simply can not afford to deal with, this will affect the use of lampblack machine, smoke pipe cleaning, the smoke is not easy to remove.

About 80% of the kitchen exhaust is not smooth, the main reason is not for a long time because of the built-in filter cleaning fume purifier and caused by blockage of the oil stain filter caused, according to different types of oil fume purifier has a unique approach. The use of high pressure jet strong oil, soot pipeline cleaning after degreasing treatment, and then do maintenance, so that soot airflow improved significantly, and the formation of protective film, so that oil stains are not easily left on the surface.

The contents of the smoke pipe cleaning include the surface of the smoke cover, the lampshade in the smoke hood, the air outlet, the smoke exhaust port and the surface of the motor and the cooking stove. The key point of cleaning and cleaning of lampblack pipeline is that the smoke exhaust port is connected with the smoke hood and is cleaned with the smoke hood which is in parallel with the smoke hood. Clean the inner part of the parallel smoke pipe. The main method used is that professionals enter the soot pipe and clean the inside. The exhaust port is narrow, can not enter the artificial smoke pipe or the smoke pipe body is narrow, artificial go not touch cannot clean, but there are significant risks, the company can use special cleaning equipment, do not stay dead, and you can take photos of cleaning before and after comparison, dispel customer doubts and fears, eliminate all potential fire hazards.

There are two general ways to connect the fan, the air cabinet and the smoke pipe. One is the soft connection which is connected by canvas, and the other is the hard connection which is directly connected with the smoke pipe. The service of changing fan and air cabinet and connecting canvas can be provided. If it is hard to connect the smoke pipe, we will thoroughly clean the fume pipe which is connected with the fan and the air cabinet.

Two, soot pipe cleaning method

1, soot pipe cleaning method two: artificial access

The method is suitable for parallel flues larger than 40 centimeters, which are manually drilled and cleaned. The labor intensity of the method is relatively large, and ventilation and low-voltage lighting appliances should be paid attention to.

2, soot pipe cleaning method three: disassembly

Disassembly can be used when there is no way to enter the smoke pipe. This method is to wash the most thorough method, but the construction difficulty is relatively large, and the manpower needed is also many, the cost is high. According to the actual situation of the flue, the technicians calculate the distance difference, and then extend the cleaning on both sides.

3, soot pipe cleaning method one: open hole

This method is easier, and the cost is low. Technicians are required to measure the opening distance, the opening position, the size of the opening and the number of holes to be opened, and then clean the hole through the holes, and then seal each hole at last. The opening method is used when the manual method and the disassembly method can not be cleaned.

4, soot pipe cleaning method four: machine equipment cleaning

Manual can not enter, inconvenient disassembly, less oil pollution, cleaning cycle shorter smoke pipe can use this method, this method is the least difficult, easy to operate, and minimum workload, minimum cost. In the pipe spraying cleaning agent, softening oil, then brush clean electric cable.

5, soot pipe cleaning method five: Airborne

This method is mainly suitable for cleaning vertical smoke pipes over 50 centimeters. The upper section of the pipeline and the technical personnel cut apart, technical personnel wearing a safety rope from the dirt inside the flue cleaning. This method is dangerous, high technical requirements, high cost, but the cleaning effect is good.

Three, cleaning necessity:

The flue and smoke hood are in a high temperature working environment all the year round, and soot is gasified to form oil accumulation, coke deposition or greasy jelly. These three substances are very easy to cause fire. If you do not often wash, the accumulation of oil more and more, along the hood naturally backward, not only affect the quality of the food, but also damage the credibility of the hotel. At the same time, the flue easily parasitic rats, cockroaches, does not meet the national health standards. Oily jelly, long attached to the metal surface, but also corrosion of metal materials, shorten the service life of the flue. Therefore, the smoke pipe cleaning should be carried out regularly so as to avoid fire hazard.

1 、 cleaning tools:

Water cannons, caustic soda, electric drill, top gun, crown, gloves, steel ball, shovel, shovel, spool, long board, pliers, screwdriver, overalls, water shoes.

2, cleaning content:

Cleaning including surface, hood shade, water system, fire prevention, smoke pipe cleaning, washing machine, lampblack purifier air cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and environmental protection net wind turbine exhaust port, and the surface of stove hood. The key part of cleaning is the smoke path which is parallel with the smoke hood through the smoke exhaust port.

Lampblack pipeline cleaning what should pay attention to?

A kitchen, because of the long-term use of fire, smoke is not susceptible to infection, resulting in a lot of long-term cleaning grease and grease to form on the surface of the flue hood. Recommended with a kitchen place, to thoroughly clean a smoke pipe every two months, the timely removal of grease and other dirt and other fire hazards, avoid fire in the kitchen when the temperature is too high. Cleaning must be professional soot pipe cleaning company thoroughly cleaned.

Two, the use of smoke pipe cleaning telephone qualified kitchen building materials. Fire department found that in the inspection, some small restaurants in order to save costs, flammable chimney and cooking fume pipe. Once the pan is on fire or the flames are on fire, these combustibles are likely to be ignited directly.

Three 、 the kitchen is equipped with fire extinguishers. In case of fire, timely and effective rescue of the first fire, can avoid the expansion of the disaster, but also for firefighters to fight for time, so the kitchen room equipped with fire extinguishers are necessary. It is worth noting that, due to the smoke pipe fire spread very quickly, so near the kitchen room can be equipped with “ backup ” fire extinguishers in case.

Four, the fire is not out of the kitchen. Fire smoke pipe, the cause of the fire is the kitchen when the fire from &rdquo “. The fire department stressed that all kinds of dining venues, especially residential Deshang Hotel, should effectively improve the fire equipment, training personnel to master fire safety knowledge, make the kitchen fire electricity management system, to ensure that the fire is not out of the kitchen.

Summary: on how to clean the smoke pipe related information, we introduced here, and I hope this article will help you. If you don’t understand anything, you can leave a message for me in the bottom. Oh, we will answer for you as soon as possible.

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