How to choose the size of bathroom tiles, bathroom tiles what kind of 0?

Bathroom is closely related to our daily life, so we can’t avoid it. And there are many kinds of tiles in the bathroom, it is very important to choose good tiles, especially the toilet tiles. They should be antiskid and decorate the bathroom. How about the tiles in the bathroom? Here we will introduce: how to choose bathroom tiles size and bathroom tiles what kind?


Bathroom wall tiles decorated with glazed tile, glazed tile, mosaic. Now the most common family is glazed tiles, the current specifications are 300*400mm, 300*300mm, 250*330mm. General specifications of wall tiles are 200*300, 250*330, 300*450, 300*600. The bathroom wall size is the need to pay attention in the choice of bathroom tile when the problems in the actual operation, the large size brick has the characteristics of convenient paving, good smoothness, and the small size bathroom tile has the characteristics of good decorative effect, enlarge the bathroom space.

If the bathroom area is relatively small, use 200*300 or 250*330 specifications tiles, but 200*300 specifications are very few people now use. Toilet area is general or relatively big, can use 300*450 specification or 300*600 specification. If bathroom area is bigger, and want to decorate high-grade some, can use the marble wall tile of 300*600 specification.

Texture density:

When choosing bathroom wall tiles, you can observe the brick surface from the side, whether there is a pinhole with uneven thickness. At the same time, you can tap the tiles to listen to whether the sound is crisp, the more brittle the sound, indicating that the tiles of high density of texture, hardness better.

Water absorption:

Choose bathroom wall tiles, we must first pay attention to its water absorption rate. In general, the high quality tiles, water absorption rate is very low, so that it can soon dry. If the ceramic tile does not indicate the water absorption rate, may use the tea or the water drop in the ceramic tile’s back, after several minutes inspects the water droplet the diffusion degree, the more does not absorb water, namely expresses the bibulous rate to be low, the quality is better.


Bathroom wall tiles color is the bathroom decoration style of the most critical, according to the overall style of their home to buy the favorite color. The best choice is light colored brick, do not choose black or dark. A light color reflects light from the light and makes the bathroom look more spacious and bright.

What are the types of bathroom tiles?:

1, glazed tile

Commonly known as tile, because in the fine pottery surface is covered with a glaze, it is called glazed tile. Glazed glazed tiles, colorful patterns, there are monochrome, printing, high-level art patterns. Glazed tile has no pollution, corrosion resistance, easy to clean features, so it is used in the kitchen, bathroom. Youmianzhuan bibulous rate is higher (the provisions of the state and the water absorption rate of less than 21%), ceramic body after absorbing water, the moisture expansion of small surface glaze in a pressure state, long-term freezing and thawing, there will be peeling skin phenomenon, so can not be used for outdoor.

2 color glazed ceramic wall tiles

Referred to as Caiyouzhuan, the surface has beautiful bright glaze color and pattern. The provisions of the state water such products rate of not more than 10%, because the fine pottery Piti moisture expansion of small, very good with the glaze, so high strength, can be used in the ground, can be used for walls.

The shape of the ceramic sleeve tile is mostly rectangular, and the utility model can be erected and pasted when in use, so that the visual height can be increased after the decoration. There are 60 mm × 240 mm, l00 mm, 1l5 mm × 200 mm × 240 mm, 150 mm &times mm, L50 mm; 200 × 225 mm, 200 mm &times 300 mm; a variety of specifications, the thickness of 6~l0 mm, can choose according to need.

3, all kinds of wall tiles

Also known as homogeneous brick, brick, glazed tile. The sintering temperature of the brick is high and the degree of porcelain is good. The water absorption rate of less than 0.5% of the minimum dead dead moisture expansion brick with high flexural strength, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no color, long life. There were no visible defects in the freezing thawing cycles for 20 times at -15 to 20. Hard texture, good impact resistance, anti-aging, non fading, but mostly a single color, mainly for balcony wall decoration.

The brick wall is elongated, should be used to paste the transverse, steady feeling, 45 mm X95 mm, 45 mm × 195 mm and 50 mm × 100 mm, 50 mm × 150 mm, 50 mm X200 mm, 60 mm &times 240 mm; a variety of specifications thickness of 6~8 mm, can choose according to need.

Editor summary: how to choose bathroom tile size and bathroom tiles what kind of finished, I hope to help you, more information, please pay attention to family planning network.

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