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The emergence of the steam press and the rapid expansion and occupation of the market indicate the existence of its unique advantages. It has more advantages over the traditional electric iron. With the expansion of the market, some criminals will use this opportunity to Kengpian consumers, hanging ironing machine is what every consumer should take into account the problem. The following small introduces how to choose hanging ironing machine.

How to choose a good hanging ironing machine?

· steam nozzle material

When choosing a thing, we always like to see what material it uses, and the ironing machine is no exception. Generally speaking, it will focus on its nozzle, engineering plastics, that is, ABS material will be better, and then with the stainless steel faceplate. Ironing clothes, the effect is obviously different, there will be no signs of scratches, but also durable.

· use gears for different fabrics

Although only choose to hang ironing machine, but it is impossible to consider ironing fabric. At this point, we should pay attention to whether it has different gear settings, according to the clothes and make appropriate adjustments, such as: silk, fiber, cashmere, wool, cotton, linen and so on. You can take good care of your clothes without worrying about the damage to your clothes.

· clean water filtration

When choosing a hot press, you should also pay attention to its filter, can you filter the water quality, filter out impurities and excess minerals, so as to achieve the purpose of transforming water quality. This will come out from the steam nozzle is more sanitary, if not clean water, not only will affect our beautiful clothes, the machine is not good, there may be a lot of sediment and scale, and reduce its service life.

· heater

In the purchase of hanging ironing machine, you must see is its “ heart ” that is the heater. The heater for a high quality press machine will use pure copper because it will last longer. Relatively cheap will with aluminum manufacturers reduce the use of cost, but for our consumers, although the lowest, but its service life is short, the heat conduction is slow, the steam is not uniform, the ironing effect would be as can be imagined.

· the handle should be hot and non slip

Dear, have you thought about it? If the use of the process, because the palms sweating or other reasons, and did not take the steady fall of the situation? Therefore, in order to prevent the occurrence of this situation, the choice of hanging ironing machine handle should be non slip, anti ironing. Even more clothes, spent a long time, there will be no hot situation, it will be a lot of security.

&middot accessories hanger

Choose hanging ironing machine, of course, hang up your clothes. That is inseparable from the clothes rack coordination. By comparison, the two poles will be more secure, and you can easily press the clothes. You can save a lot of time without worrying about so many other factors. If a single rod, it may be hot clothes, there will be swaying phenomenon, this is not good.

About hanging hot machine how to choose the relevant information for everyone here, and I hope this article will help you. If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can pay attention to our family network. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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