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As a new type of energy-saving building materials, glass film with heat insulation, thermal insulation, safety explosion-proof, anti UV, anti glare glare, easy to create private space, enhance the visual effect, several advantages of high temperature fire resistance. Then, how to paste the glass door membrane? Next, let’s take a look at the glass door membrane construction methods and techniques.

How to paste the glass door membrane?

1, familiar with tools, measure the size

Main points of Construction: check the tools and measure the size of the same side of the window;

The film before we prepared tools should include at least the scraper, watering can, knife, ruler four, and carefully check tool is flat and smooth, there is a gap; then we measure the window size, window size amount, must start from the same side of the window.

2, cutting film

Construction: the pad of soft cloth, the film side alignment center line, size ratio of glass 5-8mm;

Check out the size and number of film film, underneath a rug or a soft cloth to avoid scratching the floor; when cutting film edge aligned to the center line, cut, cut out the size ratio of small size glass 5-8mm, behind the film.

3. Clean the glass

Construction points: more water, scraping a few times, clean, glabrous, dust-free, no sand;

Glass must be cleaned, this effect on the film is very important, wash glass thoroughly clean. Spray more water, use film scraping more than a few times, do glass, glabrous, dust-free, no sand, after washing the glass, and then sprayed with a layer of water.

4. Upper membrane

Construction points: spray lubrication, reduce adhesive layer viscosity, first hit cross, first in the middle, after both sides of the scraping film;

The film is divided into two layers, one is colorless and transparent, and the other is called protective film. On the film before the first spray lubricant to reduce the viscous layer, and then while protecting film on one side of membrane, adjust the film on the glass window position, action is the first hit cross, and then from the middle to both sides of wiped film, the film is fixed, the bubbles out from both sides, hard to light, avoid scratching force too general film.

5, scraping the membrane to catch water

Construction points: small towel suction, trimming corners, dry cloth wipe;

In the film on the spray layer of lubrication, the protective film and film separation, the direction of movement as a step to scrape off the water, scraping it with a small towel dry water, finally trimming angle did not scratch good place, tear off the protective film, the film is completed. When all windows are coated, spray a small amount of detergent to remove other residues. Wipe with a dry cloth to make the window smooth and bright.

以上关于How to paste the glass door membrane?以及玻璃门贴膜方法技巧就简单介绍到这里了,希望对您有所帮助。更多资讯,尽在齐家网,敬请期待。

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