How much does it cost to heat the floor? How much is it to install the floor heating? 0

How much is one square meter for heating the floor? The use of warm ground has gradually entered the tens of thousands of households, the use of floor heating has brought convenience to people, so that people’s lives more comfortable, so people began to pay attention to ground heating, then how much is one square meter of ground heating? Next, this article will introduce you to this question.

The first is HSBC to warm, the price is 265\/ square meters, HSBC is often used to warm, HSBC heating products complete, professional safety, energy saving and environmental protection, the heating temperature control products domestic advanced technology, adjust the heating temperature, heating cost saving, a choice, a warm home: provides a variety of pipeline the type and variety of heating control, selection of comprehensive services for users to provide a full range of construction project: track and field guide, HSBC is warm by the majority of consumers.

The second is to introduce the Taurus floor heating, the price is 275\/ square meters, Taurus ground heating, many people think it is good, in the country ground heating pipe sales displacement first, select the tube, Taurus tube. Reliable quality, with the owner signed a warranty for fifty years, China Ping An warranty card, service home. Technologically advanced, and therefore worthy of our choice.

The third is to introduce the first floor price is 285\/ square meters, the Philippines used first floor heating, comfortable and healthy, can maintain indoor air clean, clean sanitation. The utility model can save operating cost, be more environment-friendly, and can reduce noise, good thermal stability, no discomfort, no indoor space, long service life, and synchronous service life. This floor heating is also good.

To how much money one square? By reading this article, you already know the price of heating, because the heating is very important in the family, so consumers should buy carefully, this article on here, I hope this article can help to you. Of course, you want to buy warm friends can also buy in the family network, oh, as a professional website, Qijia network will be able to meet your purchase needs.

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