How does small window enterprise win the market with price advantage?

[when it comes to wooden door brands, what brands can you blurt out? Everything in the world is symmetrically distributed, and there must be small brands with big brands. So, how small brands of wooden doors in the big brands dominate the wooden door market to win a place?
First, the amount of paper easily win
The quality of the product is not advertised by advertising, but by the use of word of mouth.
In large brands do not care about the quality of wooden doors, or large brands because the market share is too high, no time to take into account the quality of the field, small brands of wooden doors will have their own living space.
Small brand doors need not invest huge sums of money in advertising on the contrary, should be valuable funds used to buy good material, used in Seiko xizuo doors, to protect the health of consumers, in the real consumer customer service service. Truly consumer satisfaction, so that consumers at ease.
Such a small brand wooden door enterprises, will be in the product development on the mind, in product quality control on the mind. A business near the doors of businesses, because in these aspects with the foot work, because of the high cost of product price is much higher than similar products, but still won the approval of the dealer, the enterprise was founded shortly, products in short supply. Such a small brand, is respected, but also full of hope.
Two, easy to win with the price
Tyrant, after all, still accounts for a small part of the total population, most of us around the ordinary wage earners. For wooden doors big brands, some can not afford to buy, and some even heard never heard of. The same wood wood, I can not afford to buy expensive, why don’t I buy cheap? And do not understand the doors of this line, or pick your love style, look at cost-effective, many consumers will buy home. It should be said that quite a few consumers don’t care much about what brand or what wood they use. Sleep well and buy well.
Three, after-sales service to win
The expert also thinks: no matter what product to buy, people are very concerned about after-sales service this link. After all the details of style, material, price and so on, the after-sales service is also essential. The quality of after-sales service determines whether consumers will buy your product.
Many consumers in order to seek security and customer service to choose the brand, but the brand customer service service is really safe? A big brand wooden doors in recent years into “ &rdquo, “ customer service; three year warranty, life-long maintenance of ” the customer service commitment to pre-sales talk. With the improvement of consumer rights awareness, competition in the wooden door market is more intense, consumers are no longer only concerned about the product itself, but also more concerned about the level of after-sales service. Small brand wooden door because the output is not high, it is easier to control quality in the production process, it is easier to do after-sales protection, so as to accumulate a larger customer base.
New style, good quality, low price, good after-sales service, but also afraid that they can not survive in the wooden door market? Small brands of wooden doors do these four things, there is enough market space.

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