How do China paint market go stock in 2016?

[] for China coatings industry, the past 2015 is very dramatic year, bittersweet is like a roller coaster of a year. In the industry market is relatively negative throughout the year, the paint consumption tax is put forward to make paint enterprises worse. A large number of inventory and policy adjustments, so that paint companies worried.
In 2016, “ go to stock ” will be an important topic of Chinese coating Market
For most people, “ inventory ” is not a strange word, such as the real estate industry is often the alarm bells ringing, but actually the inventory team should add paint industry. It is no exaggeration to say that both housing stock or stock market will paint on the stable development of Chinese economy has an important impact to “ inventory ” it will be the new normal “ ” Chinese core keywords stage of economy, even Chinese economy can maintain the sustained and healthy development of the key points.
However, the paint inventory may be more complex than the real estate to inventory, because the problem of Chinese paint inventory, in essence, is not only the problem of excess production capacity, or the market demand. If the market for paint consumption demand has not increased significantly, to the current excess capacity, inventory paint must go to a library and a library.
How do China paint market go stock?
Mainly divided into two aspects: on the one hand, for the rational planning of coating production; on the one hand, to expand the overall demand for paint market.
Today’s business is cold, so many companies inventory of products growing, small scale, small footprint enterprises, inventory products have been piled up warehouses, the factory floor is also a white flower. Head of a home business, said, previously worried about orders can not receive, and now worried about the production of products under the orders of enterprises did not come to pull, the product no place to pile up. The paint industry increasingly fierce competition, many enterprises have slowed even orders decline phenomenon, in this situation, if the expansion of production capacity, is likely to lead to overcapacity, will only fall into a price war prison. Therefore, Xiao Bian believes that the most important thing to go to stock is reasonable planning of production, according to demand, quantitative production is the most important.
There is no doubt that green is the main direction of the development China paint industry, coating of green environmental protection policy and the wishes of the people. The development of coatings enterprises only in line with the policy direction, to get greater efforts to more sustained support, and turned in coating of green environmental protection, the government is likely to reduce the development of coating industry and guard restrictions. Through the transformation to the green environment, but also can make a lot of stock production capacity to sort and integration, make industrial planning more reasonable.
So, China paint to the stock market must first from the source control “ production inventory ”, but also to change the policy tendency, seize “ urbanization ” opportunity to market three or four lines deep, and expand the consumption demand, accelerate the transformation of green environmental protection is the only way which must be passed.

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