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In senior office buildings and large supermarkets, it is not difficult to find the use of automatic glass doors. Automatic doors open automatically because of the arrival of people. They liberate our hands and make our life more convenient. Well, what about the automatic glass doors? Is the automatic door expensive? Let’s take a look at it.

How about the automatic glass door?

Glass door is a special kind of door leaf. First of all, its thickness is not enough to say that it is a kind of solid door, and it is not a special-shaped door, in fact, it is a special form of door leaf. The characteristics of the glass door are determined by the characteristics of the glass itself. For example, when toughened glass is used, the door leaf has a transparent function, and when frosted glass is used, it has semi transparent function.

There are many kinds of automatic induction doors. Here’s a look at the translation type automatic door assembly. It consists of the following components:

1, it is the main controller: automatic door command center, through internal coding large-scale integrated block instruction program, sends out the corresponding instruction, command motor or electricity lock class system; at the same time people through the main controller adjust the door open, open the speed range.

2. The sensor is responsible for collecting external signals, just like people’s eyes. When a moving object enters its range of work, it sends a pulse signal to the main controller;

3, power motor: open and close the initiative, control the door leaf acceleration and deceleration operation.

4, the door moving track: like the tracks of the train, the door of the sling, wheel system, so that it is moving in a particular direction, sliding.

5. Hoisting system of door leaf sling: used for hanging movable door leaf, and driving the door leaf under power traction at the same time.

6, synchronous belt (or triangle belt): used to transmit the power generated by the motor, traction door, sling, wheel system.

7, the lower guidance system: the lower part of the door guide and positioning device to prevent the doors and windows running at the front and rear door swinging.

Glass automatic door price

The price of automatic glass door and automatic control equipment prices relatively large, ordinary domestic automatic door equipment in about 4000-6000, while the high-end imported equipment to 1-2.

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