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The bathroom cabinet with storage function can make the bathroom look neat and orderly, and a high quality of the bathroom cabinet, can play the role for the bathroom. Create a high quality, exquisite life, from the selection of a high-quality bathroom cabinets begin. This issue will follow the small series together to understand the types of bathroom cabinets, materials and so on, for home to buy a high-quality bathroom cabinet.

Part1: the first step in the bathroom cabinet is to look at the material

Bathroom cabinets sold in the market are usually made up of cabinets, countertops, basins and so on. The bathroom cabinet is the first to look at the material of the cabinet. Many materials can be used to make cabinets, but the characteristics of different materials are not the same. Due to the large moisture and humidity in the bathroom, the material requirements are higher. When choosing, you should select the right cabinet material.

Bathroom cabinet material classification

The bathroom cabinet can be divided into solid wood bathroom cabinet, ceramic bathroom cabinet, PVC bathroom cabinet, acrylic bathroom cabinet, density board, bathroom cabinet, glass bathroom cabinet, stainless steel bathroom cabinet and so on. Different materials, styles and performance are also different, before buying, take a look at the characteristics of various materials.

Two, bathroom cabinets material competition

Since the bathroom cabinet form a concept, from the experience of the ceramic column basin, basin, basin, steel glass fiber board (MDF), particleboard, moisture-proof board, PVC board to wood, ceramics, acrylic, stainless steel and other such a change and improvement process. The following table is the advantages and disadvantages of some cabinet substrate, consumers can look carefully before buying. Bathroom cabinet material competition

Xiaobian summary: from the table can be seen in the bathroom cabinets of different materials, its appearance, waterproof, environmental protection, clean price and maintenance difficulty etc. have differences, so when consumers buy, you can select the appropriate price of the products according to their own needs.

Three, bathroom cabinet material selection matters needing attention

1, pay attention to material moisture resistance

In the purchase of bathroom cabinets, we should pay attention to the waterproof and moisture resistance of materials, because bathroom water vapor is relatively large, so bathroom cabinets must be more resistant to moisture. Some of the bathroom cabinets made of wood-based panels are not good for moisture or water, and are not suitable for bathroom cabinets.

2, pay attention to material, environmental protection


Bathroom cabinets, especially those made of boards, should pay special attention to their environmental protection. Bathroom cabinets of different materials are also environmentally friendly, when shopping, if the economy permits, it is best to buy the best environmentally friendly products.

3, pay attention to material color

Bathroom cabinet material selection, we should also pay attention to the choice of material color. Materials, colors can be chosen according to the overall style of the bathroom and family preferences. Like light can make the bathroom cabinet bathroom is clean and elegant, but also easy collocation of different design of the bathroom; and dark bathroom cabinet more dirt, and if some small surface wear is not too obvious. In addition the bright mirror texture color, can make the bathroom is clear and cool.

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