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In today’s society, with the continuous expansion of urbanization, the problem of impeded circulation and blockage of sewage pipes is more prominent. The traditional municipal pipeline dredging and cleaning equipment is mainly dredge with dredging machines. It can only solve the temporary flow of sewage in the pipeline, but can not fundamentally solve the problem of congestion. How can we solve the problem of sewage blockage conveniently, quickly and thoroughly? High pressure cleaning vehicle called pipeline dredge vehicle, pipeline pressure generated by high pressure water flow through the blocked. Let’s look at the high-pressure car cleaning pipeline, dredge application.

Working principle of high pressure cleaning vehicle

The principle of high pressure cleaning vehicle is put by rotating the water pipes can bend the flexible wire into the plug, the plug out of cloth, hair or something. There is a tool called a pass, is a kind of pneumatic dredge tool, the blockage of the water pipe with high pressure of the open principle. This is the principle of leather kicking in life, kicking open clogged pipes. Industrial pipeline dredge pipeline because of the size of the pipeline with the dredge machine difference is large, 100MM below the pipe with the family sewer dredge as clear.

A tank truck equipped with a high pressure pump to clean the soil from the city’s sewers and dredge the drains. The utility model can also be used for cleaning industrial liquid drain pipes, wall surfaces, etc., and can be used for sprinkling, transporting water and flushing highways, and can be used for fire-fighting in emergency.

Performance characteristics of high pressure cleaning vehicle

1 、 double engine and double water pump cleaning system, with independent high and low pressure two cleaning water system.

2, the use of sub engine driven high-pressure pumps and working devices, hydraulic systems, high pressure water, strong decontamination, efficient water-saving, the road can be washed clean stains. Low pressure waterway adopts two stage impeller centrifugal pump, which has high efficiency, large flushing width and long range.

3 、 high and low pressure waterway system adopts electric, liquid and gas centralized control. The vehicle has good man-machine interface, convenient operation, flexible and comfortable driving.

4 、 adopt international famous brand high pressure water pump, reliable performance, long service life, and ensure the cleaning effect. Inlet nozzle, jet flow is stable, pressure loss is small. A range gun can be used to assist fire fighting and cleaning.

5, spray system can spray dust, adjust the air humidity.

6. The washing width of the water jet rack can be adjusted at any 2.5-3M. When the telescopic nozzle is contracted, double flow cleaning can be realized.

7. The left and right telescopic spray rods are equipped with a lifting indicator lamp. When the operation is done, the indicating light pole is raised and the indicator lamp is lowered when driving.

8. The water jet rack is provided with a shell and a rubber baffle plate, and the splash of water mist and sediment can be reduced when the work is in operation.

Points for attention of high pressure cleaning vehicles

1. Requirements for water sources

When the high pressure cleaning vehicle use rivers, ponds as a source of water, pay attention to water pipe ends are not into the water. In order to avoid inhalation of stones or more sediment, debris, the suction pipe end is generally equipped with filtering device, the filter is not removed when water absorption. If the water is shallow, it is necessary to dig a little deeper into the water to ensure that it does not contain debris and does not enter the air.

2. Inlet pipe

When suction, the inlet pipe system must maintain a certain degree of vacuum in order to water into the box. The water inlet system needs to be sealed reliably, the hose can not be damaged, the hard pipe can not be cracked, otherwise it will produce air leakage, and it will cause water absorption.

3, parking stalls

High pressure cleaning vehicles, whether before water absorption or before operation, the take-off gear of the force device must be in the parking.

4, winter drainage

Before winter comes, the water in the water pump and the water pipe should be emptied to prevent frost crack. Northern China generally no longer winter construction, so at the end of construction, the water pump and pipe immediately emptying, in case of future trouble.

5, regular sewage

The water storage tank of the high pressure cleaning vehicle is provided with a discharge pipe, and the inlet of the pipe is the lowest point of the water tank. After a period of use, should regularly open the sewage pipe switch, the accumulation of debris in the tank until the water cleared.

Maintenance steps of high pressure cleaning vehicle

Before washing, the body surface temperature should be cooled to 60 degrees Celsius, and the ambient temperature is kept at 0~40 degrees celsius. Water gun is more than 15 centimeters from the body paint. The sequence of washing from roof to both sides. The grid position in front of the wash, should use a mist of water, not water to heat sink scouring water tank or condenser, install plastic arch fender, should be removed for cleaning, and thoroughly clean the fender, the inside of the wing.

1. is to remove the residual in the body of the stubborn trace, can be carefully washed with clean cloth with all-around removal water, then dry with clean cloth washing liquid, washing liquid along the direction perpendicular to the dry body paint on the car and.

Finally, rinse the car wash thoroughly with plenty of water, and dry the water with synthetic sheepskin towels in time. Dry to achieve full car waterless traces, glass without stains.

2. high pressure water jet cleaning is to use high-pressure water gun, from top to bottom will be contaminated with the body surface of the sediment washed away, and then wash the back of the body, and finally the lower part of the car wash. This step should be noted that the chassis should be fully flushed and thoroughly clean the edge, bending parts, fenders and other parts. In particular, the wheel and the brake disc, the fender, the front grid, the door, the inside frame and the skirt, etc., are thoroughly washed and cleaned.

The 3. is clean, car wash sponge shampoo wash, wipe the body again, if the contaminant is not easily removed, can be repeatedly wipe, wipe the body on the sponge that be used separately, so as to avoid scratching the underbody of sand body paint. Then rinse with high pressure spray, especially the joints at the car, the corner of the bubble and other residues rinse.

4. liquid shampoo, washing liquid will be spilled in the body. There are two ways, one is the use of multifunctional high-pressure foam cleaning machine, spray evenly, down to regularly shake nozzle; two is the manual preparation, namely certain proportions of shampoo wash, do not use washing powder, soap, detergent dewaxing.

Summary: the above is about the high-pressure car cleaning, pipeline dredging applications related information, we hope to help. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the family network information.

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