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The so-called high temperature adhesive, is a high temperature inorganic adhesives, curing after adhesion, hard, non cracking. When bonding, the adhesive must first adhere to the surface of the adhesive, which is the adhesive force between the two substances, which originates from the valence bond force or the primary valence bond force. The following small series for everyone to introduce the type of high temperature glue and the main component of glue.

Types of high temperature adhesive

1 、 organic high temperature glue

Common organic glue including silicone rubber, phenolic resin, high temperature resistant epoxy glue, glue the general high temperature of 400 DEG C. In general, more functional fillers such as insulation, heat transfer, fire prevention, flame retardancy, etc. are often added to impart more properties to these glues. Although they are resistant to high temperatures, these glues are different from other “ properties ” soft, elastic and rigid. The epoxy adhesive strength of the highest temperature, high-speed operation effect is also very good, so the general application in the field of model motor, functional ceramics.

2 inorganic high temperature glue

Before the inorganic high temperature adhesive, the maximum tolerance temperature of the heat-resistant adhesive can only reach 1300 degrees centigrade. The inorganic high temperature resistant glue is resistant to 1800 degrees high temperature and can be used in fire for a long time. The high temperature resistant adhesive is prepared by condensation reaction of inorganic nano materials, through the screening of composition, preparation process parameters, the binder not only strong adhesive, used for metal bonding does not cause corrosion of the metal, can maintain good adhesion and corrosion resistance even in high temperature conditions.

In inorganic high temperature adhesives, ZS-1071 is commonly used as a high temperature resistant inorganic adhesive, which can be used for direct bonding of high temperature resistant materials. If all of the advantages of high temperature tolerance not what the concept can make reference to this data: even the temperature of 400-1000 DEG C high temperature matrix, this glue can also be directly sprayed on the surface, at the same time the evaporation of moisture, can instantly paint adhesion, high temperature protective coatings formed on the substrate surface, whether it is dense or thermal shock are good.

3, 502 glue belongs to high temperature glue?

502 glue is an adhesive with good adhesion, in our life, so in need of some high temperature repair, bonding in the case of 502 glue is handy? Look at the curing principle of 502 glue in the air: the catalytic effect of trace water, the 502 generation adhesive addition polymerization. The rapid solidification, which will adherend cement. As for the 502 glue is high temperature tolerance, from some of our experiences in life can also understand the one or two: when the handle 502 glue stick, one of the most common way is to immediately call a pot of hot water, the wet towel with ten minutes, you can soften the glue. From this point of view, the 502 glue does not tolerate high temperature, so the use of 502 glue will also have “ 25 degrees below the storage of &rdquo.

Main ingredients of glue

1. Acrylic gum

A- cyanoacrylate instantaneous adhesive, anaerobic adhesive, acrylic structural adhesive, ethyl acrylate adhesive, epoxy acrylate adhesive, acrylic glue

2. Composite structural adhesive

Metal structural adhesive, polymer structural adhesive, photosensitive sealing structural adhesive and other composite structural adhesive

3 thermosetting polymer glue

Epoxy resin, polyurethane (PU) adhesive, amino resin adhesive, phenolic resin, acrylic resin, furan resin, resorcinol formaldehyde resin, xylene formaldehyde resin, unsaturated polyester resin, rubber, composite polyimide, urea formaldehyde resin and other polymer adhesive

4, sealing adhesive

Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, epoxy resin sealant, polyurethane sealant, unsaturated polyester, acrylic, sealing putty, chloroprene rubber and elastomer type of sealant sealant, liquid gasket, polysulfide rubber sealant, sealant

5 hot melt adhesive

Hot melt adhesive tape, rubber, rubber, EVA hot melt adhesive, hot melt rubber, polypropylene, polyester, polyamide, polyurethane hot melt adhesive, styrene, hot melt adhesive, hot melt adhesive model of polyethylene and ethylene copolymer and other hot melt hot melt adhesive

6. Water base adhesive

Acrylic emulsion, vinyl acetate emulsion, polyvinyl acetal adhesive, emulsion adhesive and other water-based adhesive

7. Pressure-sensitive adhesive

Adhesive tape, solvent free pressure-sensitive adhesive, solvent pressure sensitive adhesive, curing pressure sensitive adhesive, rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive, acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive and other pressure-sensitive adhesive

8. Solvent based adhesive

Resin solution glue, rubber solution glue and other solvent glue

9. Inorganic adhesive

Hot melt inorganic glue, natural dry inorganic glue, chemical reaction inorganic glue, water hard inorganic glue and other inorganic glue

10 adhesives

Solid polymer glue, solution macromolecule glue, emulsion macromolecule glue, monomer macromolecule glue and other thermoplastic polymer glue

11, natural adhesive

Protein gums, carbohydrates, adhesives, and other natural gum

12. Rubber adhesive

Silicone rubber adhesive, chloroprene rubber adhesive, nitrile rubber adhesives, modified natural rubber adhesives, chlorosulfonated polyethylene adhesive, polysulfide rubber adhesive carboxyl rubber binder, polyisobutylene, Ding Ji and other rubber adhesive rubber adhesive

13 、 high temperature resistant adhesive

Organic silica gel, inorganic adhesive, high temperature mould resin adhesive, metal high temperature adhesive and other high temperature resistant adhesive

14. Polymer adhesive

Acrylonitrile butadiene polymer glue, polysulfide rubber adhesive, polyvinyl chloride adhesive, polybutadiene rubber, vinyl chloride adhesive and other polymer glue

15, repair agent

Metal repairing agent, high temperature repairing agent, emergency mending agent, wear-resistant repairing agent, corrosion resistant mending agent, plastic repairing agent and other repairing agent

16. Other adhesive

Conductive adhesive, UV glue, plastic adhesive, acid and alkali resistant glue, glue, glue, low temperature resistant strain under water adhesive, glue, glue, vacuum welding, medical adhesive paper with glue, glue, glue, magnetic shielded fireproof glue and anti adhesive and anti quenching crack quenching adhesive, animal glue, vegetable gum, mineral glue, adhesive, glue and other food grade.

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