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With the continuous progress of science and technology, modern families, every household has used a variety of home appliances, but we do not know these appliances in the life of people brought convenience, but also bring different radiation hazards. As the fourth largest environmental pollution source after water, air and noise, electromagnetic radiation has become an invisible &ldquo that is harmful to human health. Killer ” protection of electromagnetic radiation has become a pressing matter of the moment. Then, our daily use of home appliances, which household appliances radiation is relatively large?

The following is the radiation star all kinds of home appliances and electronic equipment: (Wuxing, is a serious attention; exceed the standard, Samsung, to exceed the standard range, should be paid more attention to; a star, safety, ease of use), hoping to arouse people’s attention.

Five Star appliances radiation: assumes.

1, microwave oven: the door crack radiation is the largest, the maximum radiation when starting, cooking should not be too close, the radiation range of up to 7 meters.

2, electric blanket: electric blanket after electricity will produce electromagnetic field, electromagnetic radiation. Pregnant mother if use electric blanket, for a long time in these electromagnetic radiation, the most easy to make fetal brain, nerve, bone and heart and other important organs and tissues are adversely affected.

3, humidifier: especially favored by women’s humidifier so much radiation, therefore, do not use too close to the body. Close to 100 milli Gauss, leaving 1 m, down to 1 milli Gauss below.

4, vacuum cleaner: 30cm 50 cents Gauss, 70cm can be reduced to 2 milli Gauss below. Far away is good.

5, fat sports machine: conveyor belt in front of larger radiation, exercise time should not be too long, as far as possible to reduce radiation.

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