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Do you still remember Jing Chai’s haze survey at the beginning of 2015, “under the dome”? The video evokes public attention to environmental protection in an easy to understand style. Yesterday is a year of winter, the heating season begins today, the headlines will see “ Shenyang PM2.5 record 1400 &rdquo reports. Now haze is a concern everyone “ public topic ” environmental problems and everyone is closely related, then about haze, you know how much? How do we reduce the harm of haze on the body?

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1., why lung cancer will increase, lung cancer and haze and what is the connection?

Haze has a large number of harmful toxic substances, leading to an increase in lung cancer, so tell us two things. First, the haze of our body has great damage; second, haze and everyone of us are closely related.

2, then haze is caused by it?

Emissions of fossil fuels, mainly coal

Car exhaust, aircraft emissions, landing cargo ships

Emission of oil and gas in catering industry

Dust at construction site


3 what is the environmental department doing?

The environmental department inspected the city’s vehicles and found that vehicles with excessive emissions had qualified procedures and did not install oil and gas purification equipment because the driver bought a car violation and qualified procedures. Difficult to punish.

The most serious pollution, burning coal is the largest in Hebei Province, Beijing is also an important input source of haze, economy is heavily dependent on the steel industry, even if the excess capacity already, many unlicensed enterprises poguanziposhuai, environmental protection departments can not as a matter of law enforcement, the employment of one hundred thousand people. Environmental Protection Agency to eat local government food, dare not hit the local government’s rice bowl.

The environmental protection agency lacks judicial and administrative support, and does not have the capability to enforce laws. The relatively powerful government and big enterprises seem powerless.

4., what are the main causes of haze?

First of all, China’s gasoline standards are far below international standards, so why not specify higher standards? Because the standards committee is made up of petrochemical enterprises, raising standards means increasing costs and they will not dismantle their own stations. Then, China uses more coal than any other country in the world. The quality of coal is low, and low-quality coal, such as brown coal, is used. Harbin heating the first day of air quality burst table, because of which a large number of burning lignite. Lignite is not useless, Germany also uses lignite, but it will wash coal to make it clean energy, but China has not done so, only a small number of parts have been cleaned.

5., the deep-seated causes of haze is what?

It is the contradiction between the rapid growth of our economy and the increasing demand for urbanization and environmental pollution. It is a contradiction between the imminent reform of the energy structure and the monopoly of the energy industry.

6., how to solve the haze problem?

Change the energy structure with coal as the main body, enter the oil and gas era that should enter early, open the energy market, and change the monopoly situation of PetroChina and sinopec.

II. Improving the national standards of gasoline and diesel oil, severely punish factories, enterprises and individuals that do not meet the standards, and intensify the implementation.

To learn the advanced experience from abroad, the transformation of the emissions exceed the standard unit, use technology to solve the problem of pollution emissions from the source, the state subsidies for cleaning equipment, various departments to meet the given supervision and inspection.

7. haze problems can be resolved in a short time?

Yes, Britain spent fifty years, but in the first 10 years, it dropped by 80%.

The initial transformation of the United States suffered a lot of resistance, but they were overcome.

In the end they all got the blue sky.

8., governance haze will cause China’s economic slowdown, the rise in unemployment?

No, the past experience of Britain, virtue and other countries tells us that only by allowing the market to participate in the survival of the fittest, clean energy will eventually replace polluting energy, the disappearance of an industry, there will be an industry rising.

9. haze has anything to do with us?

Only we all pay attention to haze, issued our voice, boycott haze harm to us, starting from ourselves to reduce emissions of air pollution, in order to encourage and encourage the government to control air pollution. The everyone is I, I is an everyone.

10., we encountered pollution problems, where should we go to report it?

Environmental protection hotline 12369

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