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Yesterday the beginning of winter, the northern city has entered the heating season, the problem of air pollution becomes more serious. Now people are also aware of the importance of protecting the environment, especially in the selection of home improvement materials, environmental performance of building materials has become an important indicator. Then, interior decoration environmental protection building materials what? How to buy environmentally friendly building materials? This issue follows a small series together to understand it.

Interior decoration environmental protection material, wall material and its selection

Wall materials with latex paint, wallpaper, wall tiles, paint, decorative panels, wall cloth, wall mat etc..

1. Wallpapers

Wallpaper plastic wallpaper market-based, its biggest advantage is the color, pattern and texture with countless changes, rich than paint.

2. wallpaper (wallpaper): commonly used non-woven wall and glass fiber wall.

3. coating

(1) low grade water soluble coatings: 106 and 803 coatings are common.

(2) latex paint: currently on the market common Nippon, divided into high and low two. The high-grade Sideli (Nippon), imported ICI (Dulux), imported GPM master latex paint. This kind of paint is characterized by mercerizing and looks like silk and is usually painted two times. Low-grade beauty, Li Li, Li Li and so on, such paint do not paint can be directly painted.

(3) multicolor spraying: multicolor spraying is dispersed in water in the form of oil in water, and can be shaped by spraying.

4. metope brick: decorate in the family, often use ceramic product to decorate metope, shop ground, adornment, cabinet guard. Ceramic products have low water absorption, corrosion resistance and aging resistance.

The new environmental protection wooden floor floor ceiling wallpaper

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