Guzhen do foreign trade lights deep water, LED people need to pay attention!

Lighting industry in the town for almost 10 years.
This 10 years gone through too many ups and downs.
These years in the contract to do the export to eat too much loss.
Especially in the town where the water is too deep, swirl too much accidentally will be involved in the.
Especially the ancient town of the trading company, later to the town of foreigners, if it is said that China should be particularly careful, a lot of foreign trade companies own relatives shop, they will send foreigners with the translation to the store to take a new model, do lanterns to pay special attention.

do LED special care to be a place of the guests.
In the town of several friends to do the circle of friends gave the cheat.
Signed a contract to play 30% deposit, finished playing 60%, charge 10%, but to install the cabinet when you find fault.
There is now a bit of light in the panel lights in Dubai.
He came to say that this light is not, and asked how to solve the work on the rework.
A cabinet of tens of thousands of lights how to return.
And then buckle 20% down he said can be loaded.
Then 10% of the deposit to wait for him to ship after 40 days to give.
To forty days to say that your goods do not work.
Or we come back abroad.
There is no problem with the contract, he said you have a problem.
There are a lot of money in the town of Dubai.
I gave up last year, 30 million, is the goods to the money did not.
Foreign return to you do not, freight yourself to pay, that is, in the town is cheating that circle.

There are many foreign trade companies in the town are taking the money to deal with the supplier.
Other foreigners to the agent to pay the shipping to the cash or a letter of credit, but the town has a few to the cash, are checks for the point, the check is not guaranteed.
Foreign trade companies do a lot of relatives do the profits can be done on their own, bad to do the return to the manufacturers to do.
There are a lot of points to the deposit, if you find a cheap in front of the goods do not.
In the market is very cheap, how you are so expensive what, in fact, is a group of.
Ancient town where the threshold is too low, what people can come in.
Investment less return fast, owed a few ran.

Chinese people love to speak face, doing a lot of Chinese business abroad.
Come to purchase a few times, then we are all buddies, and I personally feel like and foreigners do business, foreigners can for five cents and we can wear a day of time, that is, he really want to do business with us.
Foreigners set the light when the translation did not say that the point, go out to the company to take money, then directly buckle.

11219988711112199811811219982387121998871111219982387 Xi Union Daizhi a people why do people do good export? People themselves open mode of money to foreign trade companies to return to the same still to give them, private mode no way, the common model of things we have to be careful, deposit more income.

Finally warned: do business do not play emotional cards!

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