Global stone enterprise market competitive landscape

[] according to the China Stone Association statistics, in 2012 the world stone yield the largest of the 10 countries are India, Turkey, China, Brazil, Italy, Iran, Spain, Egypt, Portugal and the United states.
The output from the scale, Chinese and India respectively of the total yield of 30.08% and 14.20%, together accounted for more than 40%; Turkey, Brazil, Italy, Iran and Spain together accounted for about 30% of total output; other countries occupy the remaining less than 30%.
From the world’s major stone enterprise competition, stone production, large trade enterprises mainly concentrated in Japan, India, the United States, Italy, Spain and other stone power, such as Japan ADVAN, India GEM, American ROCKOFAGES, Spain’s LEVANTINA and Italy’s INKAS and R.E.DGRANITI are the world with strong competitiveness in stone enterprises. Driven by the competition between these large enterprises, the world stone industry development.

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