Global LED market climate callback, September bulb prices steady

TrendForce LED technology industry LED brand LED industry (LED online) latest price report pointed out that in September the global LED market boom was significantly improved, and because the upstream chip prices stabilized, making the terminal bulb prices steady.
From the September LED bulb price point of view, the global replacement of 40 watts of incandescent bulb LED bulb prices fell 1.3 percent, to 9.3 US dollars; to replace the 60-watt incandescent LED bulbs, retail are
The price fell 0.9 percent to $ 12.7.

chip prices stabilized, the LED package prices were steady

China LED package part, the price of the product in 2835 after a huge decline since last year, the cost is close to the line, in September prices remained stable. In addition, since the upstream chip manufacturers have
Raised low-power chip prices, making the downstream 2835 product prices tend to stabilize.
September 5630 product prices remain stable.
EMC3030 products because some Korean manufacturers to adjust the price, September prices fell about 0.9%.

bulb prices steady overall, only GE larger decline than

Bin said in September callback LED market boom, full orders for some manufacturers, and because the upstream material prices stabilized, so that bulb prices generally steady.
GE only in the plan to withdraw from the context of the Asian market, its bulb product prices in September fell more in China, especially in the region.
In the 40-watt portion, the US price fell by 3%, the largest decline in the area, of which GE9 watts 450 lumens bulb prices fell 20.1% to $ 10.99.
The United Kingdom due to the slight decline in the price of most products, part of the product price promotions, the overall decline of 2.6%.
September China prices fell 0.7%, part of the product price promotions, such as the state 7 watt 490 lumens bulb, the price dropped to 2.29 US dollars, the quarter fell 5.3%.
Prices remain stable in other regions.

replace 60 watt part, German prices fell 3.1%, the largest decline, because the main part of the low-cost promotional products, such as LG 12.8 watt 810 lumens bulb, the price dropped to $ 7.60, a decline of more than 5 percent, while prices of some products Philips
China’s prices fell 1%, of which GE product prices fell significantly, such as 9-watt 800 lumens bulb fell 12.7% to $ 8.84.
US and UK prices fell 1.9% and 1.4% respectively, while prices remained stable in other regions.

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