Glass down high, positions increased

[disk] situation: Zhengzhou glass 1609 contract opened at 968 yuan \/ ton, closing at 973 yuan \/ ton, compared with the previous trading day up 7 yuan \/ ton, or 0.72%. Turnover increased to about 341 thousand and 400 hands, positions increased by 1 thousand and 100 hands to 133 thousand and 800 hands.
News: 1, 2016, 04, 11, “China glass composite index” was 866.53 points, compared with the previous period in 2016, 04, 08, down 1.42 points. “China’s glass price index” was 861.36 points, 1.69 points lower than the previous period in 2016, 08, 04. “China’s glass market confidence index” was 887.19 points, 04 points lower than the previous period in 2016, 08, 0.34.
Spot price: North China, Hebei safety 5mm float glass ex factory price quoted at 1008 yuan \/ ton. The central region, Wuhan Changli 5mm float glass spot price at 1080 yuan \/ ton. Stock data: the exchange registered warehouse receipt for 1407, compared with the previous trading day flat.
Point of view: domestic glass market ups and downs, North China rose slightly, weak performance in the South region. Shahe area offer a slight increase of glass, the Great Wall Wah Yuen Durkin a slight increase in the price of goods can be output, production enterprises, the manufacturers price increases to stimulate market activity; East and central regions, the overall trend of decline, Southern China area, Lutheran, Bada glass prices down. Technically, the glass 1609 contract closed up, the price measured on the 990 line pressure drop, the short-term trend of shock. Operation, short-term 960-990 interval trading.

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