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Glass door can be seen everywhere in daily life, because of its beautiful appearance and moderate price, it is widely used in offices, shops, homes, hotels and other large and small places. Well, do you know how to install the glass door? Glass door installation should pay attention to what? The following Xiaobian to tell you about the installation of glass doors and glass door installation notes, take a look at it.

Glass door introduction

What is a glass door?

As the name suggests, is a glass door, glass door, classification, it is a special door, its thickness is not enough to demonstrate that it is a solid door, does not belong to a different door and we can only say that it is a special door. On the material classification, divided into tempered glass doors and ordinary float glass door, generally use thickness of 12 mm (mm) specifications of glass material, using toughened glass, both strong and safe.

Types of glass doors

不要以为玻璃门就是玻璃制作的门,其实,玻璃门根据其作用、材质、制作工艺以及特性,也可以分门别类。下面,小编为大家介绍一下Types of glass doors有哪些,大家可以根据不同种类的玻璃门优缺点,选择你需要的门。

Decorative glass door

Decorative glass door not only serves as the door, there is a certain decorative effect, including frosted glass, embossed glass, glass, glass glaze, glass fibre, glass Binghua, emulsification glass etc, is mainly made of different patterns. Its advantages are different colors, gloss, sense of good effect, rich in excellent decorative effect, at the same time, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, erosion resistance and so on.

Two. Safety glass door

The most important feature of the safety glass door is safety, because of the manufacturing process, taking into account the risk of glass, in the production of bias in favor of safety considerations. Including glass, bullet proof glass, laminated glass and laminated glass. Good lighting, easy cleaning, high mechanical strength, good thermal stability, fragmentation after flying, not easy to hurt. And there are certain anti robbery, anti-theft, fire protection role.

Three energy-saving glass door

The energy-saving glass door has the function of heat insulation and heat preservation. Its special process and coloring of glass, so that it can effectively absorb the heat of solar radiation, to achieve energy-saving effect. Second, absorb UV and visible light to prevent UV rays from affecting the interior and to make the light softer.

Four 、 induction glass door

This is a door that can be automatically opened and closed, and the glass induction door is literally interpreted as a combination of glass door and induction door. It can be said to be a kind of glass door, and also a kind of induction door. The classification of glass door sensors: glass door sensors according to open the way for moving glass door sensors, 90 degrees flat open glass induction door, glass door induction. The use of automatic doors can save air conditioning energy, reduce noise, wind, dust, and at the same time can make our entrances and exits seem dignified and high-grade.

Glass door installation

一、Glass door installation方法步骤:

1 positioning and stringing

The glass door is made of fixed glass and movable glass door leaf, and the location of the door is carried out uniformly. According to the design and construction drawing requirements, the positioning line of the glass door is released and the position of the doorframe is determined.

2, mounting box at the top of the slot

The width of the slot shall be greater than the glass thickness from two to four mm and the trough depth is ten to twenty mm. When the utility model is installed, at first, two metal decorative boards are drawn out from the shell in the shell, and then the installation of the groove of the top of the doorframe is carried out by the side line, and the groove depth in the notch is adjusted by a bonding backing plate.

3, the installation of metal decorative wood base

The wood is fixed on the ground, with adhesive to metal panels bonded to the wood. If the Aluminum Alloy tube, can use aluminum angle is fixed on the frame column, or with wood screws fixed on the sunken in the grounds.

4. Install vertical door frame

The bomb line nail vertical door frame timbers, and then determine the shape and position of frame column with plywood, finally outsourcing metal decorative surface. The package finishes to finish butt joint position on the middle position installed on both sides of the glass.

5. Install the glass

Suction the thick glass with a glass suction machine and lift the heavy glass plate to the mounting position. Insert the upper part of the glass into the slot at the top of the doorframe, then place the lower part of the glass on the bottom support.

6. Fixed glass

At the bottom of the nails inside and outside the square two small wood put thick glass folder in the door, in the square bar and decorative metal stick adhesive coating in the square bar.

7 、 glass sealing

In the top slot and the bottom bracket on both sides of the mouth, and thick glass and frame column on the various gaps, injection plastic glass sealing tools, scrape excess glue glass.

8. Glass butt joint

The glass door fixing part for size is too large and mosaic, the seam to have a two to three mm in width, the edge of the glass sheet to chamfer.

9, the ground spring installation

Before installing the door leaf, the ground spring and the top surface of the doorframe should be installed and must be connected with the axis. When installing, it is better to check with the hanging plumb line to make sure that they are in the same line.

10. Install the upper and lower door clamps

The upper and lower metal door clamps are respectively arranged on the upper and lower ends of the glass door leaf. If the height of the door leaf is not enough, the bottom of the glass door can be clamped in the glass bottom and the wood splint strip can be clamped.

11, fixed glass door clip

When the height of the door is fixed, insert a small strip between the sides of the glass and the upper and lower door clips, and fix the glass in the gap.

12. Door leaf installation

The first used self adjusting screw out of plane beam two mm pin positioning, the office of the glass door upright, door door clip in the lower rotating pin connecting hole alignment spring rotating pin shaft, rotating the door to bore into the pin shaft, to turn the door and the door frame at right angles to the beam. The door to the rotary connecting piece hole on the positioning pin on the beam frame clamp, adjusting screw positioning pin, the positioning pin is inserted into the hole.

13, handle installation

Before installation, place the handle into the glass and apply a little glass glue. When the handle is assembled, the root is close to the glass, then press the fastening screw to ensure that the handle is not loose.

二、Glass door installation注意事项:

1, the installation of glass doors, to check whether the doors and windows are smooth, and whether the hole is complete and accurate, if it does not meet the requirements, it should be corrected first.

2, installation of steel frame, door glass steel clamp, spacing of not greater than 300mm, and each side of not less than two, also can wipe putty layer in the wire card, to increase the sealing performance.

3, such as putty putty should be fixed, is filled with light. If you use a rubber pad, you should first insert the rubber pad and fix it with a layering and screws.

4, such as the use of layering fixed, usually in four sides or on both sides of the tape, sealed with sealant.

5, the installation of various auxiliary materials to meet the design requirements and the relevant standards.

6. When assembling coloured glass or district glass, it shall be in conformity with the design pattern, and shall not be dislocated, bent or loose. The orientation of the glass shall be in accordance with the design requirements.

7. After installation, do the cleaning work after installation.

以上关于Glass door installation方法步骤以及Glass door installation注意事项就简单介绍到这里了,现代生活中,玻璃门随处可见,我们在家中可能也会因设计需求,进行安装,希望大家可以参考上述玻璃门的安装方式,安装处完美的玻璃门。更多资讯,尽在齐家网,敬请期待。

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