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Glass automatic door inductor is mainly used in automatic door, revolving door, fast shutter door, industrial sliding door, etc.. Today, let’s take a look at the work principle of glass automatic door sensors and classify the automatic door sensors.

Principle of inductor for glass automatic door

When someone enters, the pulse signal is transmitted to the main controller. The master controller judges the motor running and monitors the motor speed so as to notify the motor to load and enter the slow motion at a certain time. Some motor running current after running forward, the power is transmitted to the synchronous belt, then transmits power to the spreader system to open the door and window belt; the open door leaf by the controller to make a judgment as to close, notice motor reverse movement, close the door.

Introduction of inductor parameters of automatic glass door:

1, loading height below 2.5m;

2, longitudinal detection range: all beam 12° –20° the secondary beam 3.5° –1.5° (5 paragraph);

3 、 power consumption 3.0VA below;

4 、 supply voltage 110VAC± 15V 50\/60HZ;

5, environmental temperature -25&deg, C – +55&deg, C, humidity below 95%;

6 、 alarm output capacity DC50V, 0.5A (impedance load);

7, pulse count 1, 2, 3, 4 pulse adjustable;

8 、 preheat time is about 40 seconds;

9, output duration 1.5 seconds ± 0.5 seconds;

10. Sensitivity adjustment: adjusted by sensitivity knob.

Classification of glass automatic door sensors

Glass automatic door sensor has microwave automatic door sensor and infrared automatic door sensor.

Microwave sensor called microwave radar, the object movement reaction, and reaction speed, suitable for normal walking speed through the site, it is once in a door near the staff do not want to go out and motionless, the radar will no longer response, automatic doors will be closed, there may be clamping the phenomenon of.

Infrared sensors: respond to the presence of an object, regardless of whether the person is moving, as long as it is within the scanner’s range of scanning, it will respond. Infrared sensors react more slowly than microwave sensors.

以上关于Principle of inductor for glass automatic door以及Classification of glass automatic door sensors就简单介绍到这里了,希望对您有所帮助。更多资讯,尽在齐家网,敬请期待。


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