Furniture dealers should be independent commercial brands with brand power

[] when we went to the market and dealers to chat with friends, many dealers friends will react, now more and more business is done, from sales, warehousing, funds, personnel, and even the Internet terminal channel cost pressure is growing more and more, many dealers and even felt a little short of breath gas er.
One of the questions that dealers generally ask is, “&ldquo, is the dealer’s era coming to an end?” ”. In fact, although the entire China economy are faced with the transformation and upgrading, but has not yet come to the point where the dealer end times, the channel model middlemen operations may also have further room for development, and not easily come to an end. However, as a traditional dealer, if we can not make a paradigm shift, I am afraid that their companies do end point it is very likely, therefore, the dealer friends to have a sense of urgency, make the transformation and upgrading of the preparatory work.
Dealers need to do a good job of positioning adjustment
The dealer has always been a special business unit, they come from different companies by selling products to distributors or retail outlets to achieve their own profit, which forms a natural idea in the minds of traditional distributors: channel relationship the best defenders, and then through the channel relationship control part of the channel resources, accordingly to achieve the purpose of distribution, so that dealers profit. Obviously, if dealers still have this idea, it may be more dangerous.
Therefore, dealers need to do a good job positioning adjustment, positioning from the dealer’s middlemen in the past to adjust to channel value creators positioning. Traditionally, we generally believe that dealers make profits through selling or leasing channels. After entering into marketing 3 era in marketing, channel value transfer and realize the value of the channel to become the enterprise to put forward higher requirements of dealers, and the value is the dealer channel through operation is created by the dealers profit source. Although the channel resources controlled by the dealers are still important, how to make products and brands through these channels and make them create value is a problem that dealers must seriously consider.
It is based on the positioning adjustment, distributors for imported upstream and downstream industry chain resources, as well as for the entire channel resources integration operational level, has become a measure of the ability to dealers and distributors corporate profitability criteria. Whether dealers can get the favor of a company or product with a good market outlook will benefit from a series of adjustments starting from the dealer’s position and the effect of the adjustment.
Dealers should be independent commercial brands with brand power
At present, dealers have their own brand accounted for a very small number, although many dealers have the transition from the individual to the company, because the traditional management idea ingrained, nor its brand, even if there are individual dealer claims to have its own brand, but with a question, actually is the entrusted processing OEM brand, the dealer to do for a limited liability company has no brand. Obviously, this is the time to change. Many dealers have been aware of this problem, or some industry dealers began to realize this problem, the dealer’s own brand building and build is also put on the agenda.
Since WAL-MART, Carrefour, RT mart, Wumart retail terminal years ago to create a strong brand of commercial brands, then why can not create their own dealer brand? Just at that time, we have to focus on the development and utilization of channel resources, ignoring the construction of dealers the brand now, dealers as a professional marketing implementation of the professional ability requirement is more and more strong, many dealers have formed their own unique distribution model and business ideas, create a brand, according to the bearing dealer expertise seems to have been imperative.
Dealers need to create marketing management models
Dealers are not low buy high selling commercial units to earn difference, but the creator of the channel value, thus to maximize the dealer value. Therefore, this requires dealers to create their own marketing management model, for the channel upstream and downstream enterprises and units to provide good marketing guarantee docking.
The success of the brand dealers have their own unique marketing management model, the marketing management mode is the distributor of “ &rdquo, is unique cheats; dealers special skills is magic dealers obtain profits, as the saying goes, no rules, no “ Cheng Fangyuan ” and to determine the dealer marketing management mode, means that the dealer channel construction, product portfolio construction, marketing system structure, operation flow and so on, this is a trade-off process, is also the distributor selection and not a reference standard in the face of numerous products, if the lack of such a marketing management mode, the dealer can easily in the face of many temptations when not know the choice of. See what money would want to do, the result is the dealers themselves deviate from the main business and development, “ pick up the sesame lost watermelon, ” difficult to build their own advantages in the professional road, to attract the attention of outstanding enterprises, will lose the opportunity to be big and strong.
Change of dealer’s control to service
Traditionally, as an enterprise the need for dealers, its purpose is to help dealers and other network channels to achieve rapid distribution, a strong distributor in a short period of time can make their products shop to any channel in their jurisdiction, completed to meet with consumers to achieve the possibility of sales, and as a dealer to accomplish their strong, it must have the core competitiveness, the core competitiveness is the dealer of the channel member terminal control ability for this group in terms of dealers if the capital strength, or other personnel and enterprises hard to dominate, but if on the day, geography, and no doubt dealers occupy more advantages, it is easy to build their own core competence of the dealer, and to do so it needs Dealers in the channel construction on their own is to let their channel members can make a profit, the two is through the channel member service for their own channel members is no menace from the rear of trust and support, channel members themselves, so dealers have excellent enterprise and long-term cooperation, their strong capital.
Modern enterprise’s demand for dealers is a change from the idea of resource control to the service concept, because control of resources can not create value, and services can create additional value. Controlling the resource stage is the root of the price war and the promotion war in the past. The service concept can effectively avoid the price war and the promotion war, and can guarantee the temptation of other channels and the preemption of the channel resources. The core competitiveness of modern dealers has quietly changed, the most important is the dealers as a commodity circulation intermediary functions to change the service functions on the channel chain has replaced traditional distribution functions, and can help the downstream enterprises to create value, in order to best serve the ultimate consumer.
Modern dealers, compared with traditional dealers, the obvious difference between the label is positioning, brand, service and so on. Upstream enterprises have basically completed the transformation from the extensive management to enter, precision of operations at this time, the enterprise also proposed more stringent standards for dealers, with a clear positioning, is a strong professional brand marketing execution mechanism, to provide a strong channel service capabilities, become three very important select the dealer standards.

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