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Frameless glass doors are now widely used. Because frameless glass doors have good daylighting and decoration, they are becoming more and more popular with some owners. Then, how about the frameless glass door and how about the price of the frameless glass door? Let’s take a look at it.

How to install frameless glass door?

Frameless glass door installation — adjustment

Installation of glass partitions, the width of the top slot should be greater than the glass thickness of 2 to 4mm, groove depth between 20 ~ 30mm, so as to glue injection. The installation method can draw out two metal decorative board side lines from the center line of the projectile, then press the side line to install the limit slot on the top of the doorframe. The wooden padding in the notch is adjusted to the depth of the groove. Adjust by increasing or decreasing the number of plates.

Frameless glass door mounting — mounting firmly toward door frame

According to the elastic line nail vertical door frame timbers, and then determine the plywood shape size and position of the door frame is fixed (note should be less decorative surface size). Finally, the metal decorative surface shall be wrapped, and the facing joint shall be placed in the middle of the two sides of the mounting glass. The joint position must be accurate and vertical.

Frameless glass door mounting — glass mounting

Use glass sucker (or glass sucker machine) thick glass ceiling tight grip, and then holding the chuck by 2 ~ 3 thick glass plate is raised and erected to installation site preparation in place. Methods: the position limiting groove in the upper part of the glass into the top of the door frame, then put the glass on the lower part of the bottom bracket on the center line, and the installation position of the door on both sides of the good, the metal finishes on the thick glass edge on both sides of the door just seal the mouth, requires both inside and outside the invisible decorative seams export.

Frameless glass door mounting — glass fixation

At the end of the nail and used two flat square batten thick glass in the middle, but from the thick glass to void leaving about 4mm, and then painted on the flat side of wood adhesive to decorative metal plate sticking on square and two flat square timber.

The above is the small package for everyone to introduce the frameless glass door installation steps related content. For frameless glass doors, although it is said and must be accepted by every consumer family, different door types will satisfy different consumers. Well, I hope Xiao Bian introduced the installation steps, you can clearly know how to install the frameless glass door.

When we install frameless glass doors, we should know the general installation steps, and then step by step according to the steps. First of all, according to the design drawings to determine the positioning line, to determine the position of the doorframe, and then draw two lines according to the centerline, in the top of the door frame groove installation.

After installing the top slot to install metal veneer tray, the next step is Aluminum Alloy tube fixed on the predetermined block. After fixing, then it is time to go to the glass, the installation of glass is not a person, at least 2 people can install. The lower part of the glass is placed at the center of the bottom rest and then integrated with the butt joint. After that, the glass is injected into the gap. After installation, check it, then remove the glass glue with glass cloth.

Frameless door price

Frameless door price根据你的门框面积还有你所需要的品牌规格来确定价格。由于安装无框玻璃门所产生的费用不只是玻璃门的单价,它还包括人工费还有五金配件。加上不同区域,安装人工费用不一样,因此,在价格上也会有点差别。

12mm toughened transparent glass =95 yuan \/ square

Labor costs =45 yuan \/ square

Ground spring =145 yuan \/ only

Glass clip (top clamp, upper clamp, lower clamp) =60 yuan \/ set

Door handle (600 long) =90 yuan \/ only

Fucai =20 yuan \/ square

The above accessories can be chosen according to your own preferences, without hemming costs.

编辑总结:以上关于How to install frameless glass door?以及Frameless door price就简单介绍到这里了,更详细的最好咨询专业师傅。更多资讯,尽在齐家网,敬请期待。

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