Four major trends in the development of the cabinet industry

[] in recent years, the development of China’s cabinet industry has been mixed. Insiders said that this year in 13th Five-Year as “ ” planning at the beginning of the year, in the traditional cabinet industry related policy implications, is also facing more opportunities and challenges. In addition, with the changes in market demand, the industry’s internal transformation and upgrading is also urgent. In the future, the development of the cabinet industry may present four major trends.
First, highlighting the environmental performance of products
At present, although environmental protection, energy saving, personalized and other aspects of the industry by the concern, but the actual enterprise to do so little, most companies just take publicity. The most stringent environmental protection law has been implemented, environmental protection, energy conservation will be the next major trend. In addition, 80 and 90 gradually occupy the dominant position in society, and the demand for personalized products will increase, so personalized and customized products will also be a development trend.
Two, let specialization beat homogenization
The brand as the current cabinet industry is in the competition of the Red Sea, and the homogenization of serious, so that consumers at a loss. Influenced by homogenization, future enterprises will develop in a small and beautiful way, that is, do fine and make great progress first. Perhaps the current cabinet market is still in chaos, but a lot of enterprises in homogenization “ break through ” on the road, will gradually realize the importance of brand specialization, and seek strength division.
Three, strengthen enterprise value-added services
By the high competition in the cabinet industry, the cabinet service market demand will be doubled and enlarged. In this case, marketing, logistics, home improvement company all can inject more support for the cabinet industry, may also be included in the giant cabinet since the business scope, the assimilation for enterprise value-added services, this may be a major trend in the future.
Four, to be &ldquo star &rdquo products;
In the cabinet as brand competition, has advanced some awareness enterprises began to focus on brand building, build own brand characteristics, enhance brand awareness. With the continuous promotion of the Internet, breaking through the traditional marketing thinking, focusing on network marketing cabinets enterprises will mushroomed all over the industry. These cabinets enterprises will use the Internet and new media and other new means of brand building brand, in the well-known enterprise platform covering the positive information, brand advocacy is carried out by the authority of the media force, improve the audience of its cognitive force.
Throughout the cabinet industry, the homogenization of the market has become increasingly fierce background, vicious competition has become the enterprise “ abortion &rdquo, the number one killer, many enterprises even died in their own hands. So, in the face of this situation, cabinet enterprises should first grasp the development trend of the industry, and constantly adjust their own development plan, to achieve the first “ life insurance ” and then “ breakout ”.

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