Flooring enterprises need to find a breakthrough in the direction of development

[flooring] the flooring industry has been developing in China for many years. Now a series of industrial ills have been gradually highlighted and become a stumbling block on the road of enterprise development. To the enterprise, product quality, customer service service has become a part of enterprise development pace to keep up with the pace of the industry key factors; for the industry, the market homogenization of serious overcapacity problem is particularly prominent.
Flooring industry, internal and external environment, impact on enterprise development
Among them, excess capacity has become a hot topic in the flooring industry in recent years. At present, the dealers in the flooring market are most helpless when facing the disadvantages of this industry. In fact, well done floor dealers also exist, indicating that the market is still there, but there are still more factors affecting. Most floor dealers believe that one or two of the first city consumer groups easier to divide. However, the county-level cities blurred the differentiation of these two consumer groups, which made the three or four tier market seem a little chaotic.
For the current flooring enterprises, competition has become the market norm. Recently, the flooring industry gossip “ ” constantly, enterprise bankruptcy reorganization, employee for wages, business difficulties caused by the collapse of four rumor, dealers misappropriated money disappeared…… followed the negative news in the non-stop playing floor of the nerve, the still precarious efforts of enterprises are concerned, how to find the development direction key.
Flooring enterprises need to find a breakthrough in the direction of development
To have a foothold in the future market, we must start from the following points: first of all, the floor shop should be reasonable layout, no longer to seize the market for the purpose of blind expansion, and should be set in actual circumstances. Secondly, to change the business model, we should make efforts in service and culture to meet the needs of consumers and provide practical services. Finally, the market segments, the distinction between high school and low-end market, there are hierarchical selection of dealers and brands, but also can start to three or four line urban development.
In this fuzzy situation, the development direction of the floor consists of two aspects: on the one hand, a lot of people just need to begin to pay attention to the floor and room collocation function, comfort, and personalized appearance; on the other hand, some people have affordable brand name, brand, and even showed only “ do not buy expensive to buy for the &rdquo tendency. This makes the floor enterprises in the process of changing patterns can find the breakout direction, able to find market opportunities in the case of long-term development.
In the industry development trend is relatively low, and the market chaos is not out of poverty at the moment, the development of the floor enterprises also need to find the crux of the problem. Today, the market is not directional factors gradually increased, for the floor enterprises, will also face greater challenges. In this case, only by not perfect itself, can we find the breakout direction under the contrarian.

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