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Fireproof glass door is a kind of modern special building materials, it is the same as the ordinary glass door, with a beautiful role, but also has the characteristics of no ordinary glass door, that is high temperature resistance, flame retardant and fire prevention function. Here we have a look at fire doors and glass doors related to fire, how about the price of the door?.

The fire-resistant properties of fire-resistant glass doors are divided into three types: fire resistance, heat insulation, heat radiation intensity and fire integrity. It can be divided into a single fireproof glass door and a compound fireproof glass door according to the different structure. The fire resistance of the two glass doors is also different. Here are some fire-resistant glass doors for you:

Single piece fireproof glass door

传统玻璃遇高温的软化温度在700℃左右,而新型的单片放火玻璃的软化点在1200℃以上,这几乎能够与高档的石英玻璃相媲美,在价格方面却比石英玻璃便宜很多。在建筑物发生火灾的时候,Single piece fireproof glass door能够承受半个小时左右的高温,在一个小时左右的时间里,玻璃才开始逐渐软化,所以它的防火能力还是比较出众的。

Composite fireproof glass door

Most of the production method of composite fireproof glass grouting and intumescent flame retardant adhesive is injected between the plurality of fireproof glass, when glass with high temperatures, the flame retardant will be expanded, forming an insulating layer of thick, so as to achieve the purpose of fire prevention. The fireproof time of composite fireproof glass is usually more than one hour, and it has strong fire resistance.

The fireproof glass door

The fireproof glass door是通过压延法制造而成的一种玻璃,先将已经加热好的钢丝网放置在玻璃板中,当钢丝网冷却之后切割成一定大小的玻璃片,The fireproof glass door就形成了。这种玻璃门遇到高温的时候,虽然玻璃本身会较快地软化,但是由于有钢丝网在玻璃中起到加固的作用,玻璃门不会发生爆炸现象,从而保护人们的安全。除了防火功能之外,这种玻璃还能够起到一定的防盗作用。

The performance of fire proof glass door

High performance fire: according to the fire performance difference, fireproof glass door can last for an hour to burst state for two hours at 1000 DEG C of the flame, can effectively prevent the flame spread, and a large area of smoke spread rapidly, so as to ensure that people have enough time to escape.

High strength: compare several glass doors of equal thickness. They are fire-resistant glass door, common float glass door and toughened glass door. Ordinary glass doors were broken in the heavy load of 850 kg; toughened glass door fragmentation in heavy load of 2100 kg; and fireproof glass door in the heavy load of 4200 kg when fragmentation occurs. From this we can clearly see the great advantage of fire-resistant glass door in high strength.

Fire door price

The above quotation is for your reference only. The exact price of fireproof glass door should be based on actual conditions.

以上关于防火玻璃门介绍以及Fire door price就简单介绍到这里了,希望对您有所帮助。更多资讯,尽在齐家网,敬请期待。

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