“FIFA18” official best goal of the week, wonderful video

cheap FIFA 18 Coins” EA officials will select the best goal of the week from the exciting video of the game. Here’s an official video of last week’s best goal. Take a look at it.

Video frequency:

Above is the game wonderful goal video, more please pay attention to the game topic!

“FIFA18” because the game has changed corners of the operation, many old players feel very uncomfortable, as to how to play. Today, Xiao Bian for everyone to bring players “ GameorNothing” provide corner golf teaching video, we hope to help you.

Tutorial 1:

“FIFA 18” many game player in the game have encountered such opponents: started crazy closing down from your area, make us very uncomfortable. Here we bring crack crazy closing down tactical video tutorials, a look.

Video frequency:

The above is the game video tutorials, I hope you can help players!

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