Faced with contradictions and conflicts, property tax reform is also how?

[] according to the “Chongqing Evening News” reported that the residents from the housing property tax, in the time of the 2010 year policy has yet to reveal the suspense. Does the property tax target mainly regulate prices or raise revenues? “ route through ” existing taxes or taxes? When the local property tax pilot applications submitted to the State Council, the reality of contradictions and conflicts will emerge.
According to reports, the central government decided to levy taxes on Residents’ housing, the main goal is to improve the tax distribution system, to give local sources of stable income. But the public mistakenly believe that the current government to promote the reform of the real estate tax, its goal is to lower prices. In fact, through the collection of property tax, improve the tax system, to the local sources of stable income, and the public expectations of lower prices is not inconsistent. Because as long as the property tax on residential housing at the same time, the land transfer proceeds as a tax into the state treasury, it can let the local government obtain a relatively stable source of tax revenue, but also can eliminate the desire and power by pushing up prices to raise land prices, it can further promote the stability of prices to play. To meet the expectations of public property tax levy lower prices.
Of course, as reported, &ldquo is not sure that the tax on housing is bound to bring down housing prices. On the contrary, tax increases will lead to rising costs, which will inevitably affect the final price. ” so, since the first half of 2010, the central government began to weaken the public with tax regulatory price expectations, emphasize the real estate tax is not for the real estate market, but to improve the tax system reform, provide stable financial resources for the local. In fact, this concern is not unnecessary high-level, because the property tax levy may occur real estate tax costs will be passed to property buyers phenomenon, resulting in prices on the existing basis is not down. But we need to see is that the occurrence of tax shifting phenomenon will only in the real estate tax levy quota limited circumstances, if the property tax levy to buyers unable to access disk, the real estate speculators are unable to bear their own and digestion, can avoid the phenomenon of tax shifting, forcing the real price to sell real estate.
In addition, the property tax should not be levied on the first suite and the improved two suite. The purchase of the first suite and the improvement of the purchase of two suites, belonging to the citizens reasonable purchase behavior, not only should not be increased tax burden, but should be supported by the government’s tax policy. In the case of a large area of housing, the purchase of two suites, as well as the purchase of three units and more housing, most of them are real acts, property tax should become the focus of collection. The speculative housing levy property tax, the vast majority of people will support. So, as long as you can do for the first suite and improve the type of purchase two suites exempt from property tax, it will not be like some local governments worried about, the first pilot and levy property tax will lead to public conflicts.
To sum up, to be able to do in the property tax and land transfer income will be fully included in the Treasury, eliminate local government push up prices desire and power and the differences of property tax, at the same time in the residents occupied housing property tax exemption, increase of speculative housing tax efforts, the property tax can improve to the local tax system, with a stable source of income, but also have lower prices, but also eliminate the resistance from the public, the property tax reform will be out of the so-called “ scheme selection dilemma ”.

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