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Dainzin waterproof wall decoration in Home Furnishing, many people did not feel strange, the external wall waterproofing engineering occupies an important position in the whole building, exterior wall waterproof coating can prevent the leakage of rain and erosion, water, groundwater and other water sources, to protect the building structure and the internal water stains without annoying, wall decoration is directly exposed to the nature in the long time, the wind and rain, the sun has eroded, requirement of exterior wall waterproof coating has characteristics of water resistance, pollution resistance, aging resistance, color retention, strong adsorption capacity, good frost resistance, but many people for exterior wall waterproof coating type and function is not very understanding, what kind of exterior wall waterproof coating which is good? Here is a small series of concrete wall waterproof coating of the specific, I hope everyone in the waterproof paint on the exterior wall of choice for reference.

Exterior wall waterproof how to do?

1, add irrigation site and cold connection

Each layer of the continuous irrigation site and cold, because can not expect the effect of the concrete bound between the earthquake and concrete shrinkage if there is small, the junction will be cut off, prone to leaking the form.

2, cracks in concrete

The concrete poured in site can be filled with continuous joint or cold joint, which is easy to produce honeycomb or filling the bad part, forming the congenital shrinkage crack. Especially large span walls or protruding outward from the wall structure for this situation is more common podium.

3, around the mouth

Not only confined to the concrete structure, around the opening is waterproof, easy to form weaknesses in the construction site. In the pouring of concrete tiles or by template method with pre occasions, as long as the attention window can be, but in the painted decoration or tiles affixed to the top of the window around the place, there will be floating debris, like cement or concrete, void for horizontal or reverse slope situation, will form a site full of flaws.

Exterior wall waterproofing – type

With the progress of society and the continuous development of science and technology, now there are kinds of wall waterproof paint, wall paint can be divided into silicone self-cleaning water resistant paint and strong acid resistance paint and acrylic elastic exterior wall paint, waterproof putty powder, toughened silicone self-cleaning elastic exterior wall coating, fluorocarbon coating, acrylic paint for exterior wall and exterior wall of oil level PA, tile specific primer, environmental protection wall paint, paint, acrylic paint, tile oily high weatherability paint, metal paint, water repellent function.

Waterproof -JS paint for exterior wall waterproof

JS waterproof paint for exterior wall waterproof is a kind of green environmental protection material, with environmental protection, stable performance, long service life, waterproof and good aging resistance, convenient construction, simple operation, strong adhesion and other advantages, JS waterproof paint most basic color is white, with heat reflection power significantly, compared with the traditional black roof compared it has good heat insulation effect, modulation into color, on the roofs and walls can play a decorative effect, the comprehensive performance is superior, is the ideal environment-friendly new national focus on the promotion of waterproof material.

Waterproof polyurethane coating for exterior wall

Polyurethane waterproof coating is a waterproof wall in both inside and outside coating thickness was about 3mm, stretch in 300% above, in the use of any material which will not crack, waterproof effect is excellent, but also has its shortcomings, the smell of polyurethane waterproof coating is large, generally difficult to accept, the use of scraper in construction when it is hard, the operation is more complex, is a reaction type wet curing film waterproof coating. It can be used in roofing, exterior wall, non drinking pond, retaining wall and other waterproof works.

Exterior wall waterproof -k11 universal waterproof coating

As to the number of K11 universal type waterproof coating in the common exterior wall waterproof coating, composite waterproof coating with polymer emulsion and inorganic powder modulation, is a two-component waterproof material, high quality cement, refined quartz sand by specific polymer polymerization, both the formation of surface coating and waterproof. In the end the formation of crystals within the material permeability barrier through the water, to achieve the dual waterproof effect. It is characterized by rigid waterproof material and outstanding adhesive properties.

Waterproof acrylic coating for exterior wall

Acrylic waterproof coating waterproof wall is in using the international advanced technology and raw materials, YISHION acrylic polymers, one component emulsion waterproof coating additive is prepared, showing a pure liquid state can be used to open the cover, can be easily combined with ground clearance, the formation of waterproof layer in solid, after brushing need to be brushed or sand treatment, so as to increase the friction, easy to tile, particularly suitable for use as a wall waterproof material.

Exterior wall waterproof decoration, how to choose environmental protection waterproof coating?

First of all, we should understand the types of waterproof paint, nature, etc., there are two major types of waterproof coatings on the market: first, polyurethane waterproof coating; two is polymer cement based waterproof coating.

Polyurethane waterproof coating also has two types, one is made from polyurethane and coal tar as raw material, its volatile toxic gas tar, and is not easy to remove, so in our country in 2000 banned. Another is still on sale, using bitumen instead of coal tar as raw material. But in the use of such coatings, usually using toluene, xylene and other organic solvents to dilute, and therefore also contains toxicity.

Polymer cement based waterproof coating is composed of a variety of water-based polymers synthesized by emulsion and mixed with various additives of high quality cement composition, polymer (resin) the flexibility and rigidity of the cement as a whole, makes its impermeability and stability performance.

The main market of natural waterproof coating is already polymer cement base waterproof coating.

And waterproof coating whether environmental protection still needs to be further identified, master three major points, you can do a good job shopping:

First, it depends on whether the coating meets the state mandatory standards. Is there a certificate of environmental labeling issued by China?.

Two, we must see clearly the quality of products, qualified inspection reports, especially in the quality inspection report on the content of VOC.

Three, pay attention to the brand in the purchase, it is best to select well-known products produced by large enterprises.

Editor’s summary: the above is about exterior waterproof coating which kind of good information, for reference only, we hope to help you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the family network information.

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