Empathy, integrated ceiling, enterprises and distributors to win-win situation

[integration] in the integrated ceiling industry, dealer channels are very critical part, some enterprises in the investment will always introduce preferential policies to attract dealers to join. However, in addition to cooperation between enterprises and distributors, there is a game relationship. In the road to win-win situation, dealers can not be too passive, but also can not blindly accept the arrangements made by enterprises.
Integrated ceiling industry sales costs continue to increase
In order to increase sales, investment cost is bound to increase, personnel, vehicles, warehouse, office and so on, in the absence of effective management system under the action of these increased costs is likely to exceed the increase in profit, that is to say, the performance increase of 30%, the increase of 40%, directly to devour the actual profits earned money does not increase much less. After all, the performance increase will also bring profit and cost growth, and increasing cost of gross profit rate of increase rate of more than that in the integrated ceiling distributors can be found everywhere.
Integrated ceiling dealers will also face financial pressure
Now many dealers operating scale does not seem small, but the cash flows are relatively poor, big business, no money. The money is either in the warehouse or in the advance of the manufacturer or in the account receivable of the downstream customer. There are integrated ceiling, dealers bluntly, now manufacturers absorb dealer funds increasingly high, and now dealers in the external transfer of funds interest costs are also higher and higher.
Integrated ceiling manufacturers production safety issues can not be ignored
Business is bigger, the greater the booth, relatively speaking, all aspects of the problem will be synchronized up, and big business, integrated ceiling dealers may not consider every aspect of each person, there must be more to see where it may hide many unsafe factors. For security reasons, it is difficult to completely control instead of doing a big business, not a small business can fully grasp.
Beware of the transfer of integrated ceiling distributors in the business direction
Production and distribution is not the same, the production is getting deeper and deeper, and the distribution is often done a line of tired line, always feel that other industries have engaged in the first, their own industry does not make money, always want to invest in other industries. There are integrated ceiling, dealers always feel that the distribution is to help manufacturers keep brands, keep the market, and at the end is not their own, it is better to register their own brand. Whether it is investing in other industries, or dealers themselves into the field of production, will lead to the boss of the current distribution business attention decline, and control of capital and energy investment.
The above reasons, leading to most dealers in the face of the factory to increase the task, the heart is not willing to accept. But since there is great pressure, factory pressed factory said. In any business collaboration, the more favorable the position is, the more dominant the player will be.
Integrated ceiling enterprises and distributors are essentially different. The enterprise is the production enterprise, the more production, the capacity utilization rate is higher, the product cost is lower. The dealer is the circulation agency, the more you handle, the higher the cost involved. Therefore, on the issue of new sales tasks, enterprises and dealers need to shift thinking, to find a balance that everyone can accept and market programs.

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