Embedded kitchen video game customization? How can I get to the road?

[with] soaring house prices, Limited kitchen space is especially valuable to consumers. How to optimize the use of kitchen space, reasonable arrangements for kitchen appliances, kitchen reform has become a new topic, but will “ stealth ” embedded kitchen power has become an effective way to solve this problem.
Embedded kitchen appliances is not only a product form, but also a kind of space optimization. In the past, relatively small appliances, such as microwave ovens, ovens, and disinfection cabinets, were all over the kitchen table, while the refrigerator occupied a corner, making the kitchen particularly cluttered. When the embedded appliances furniture, small appliances, stealth “ ” large appliances industry is no longer isolated, electric kitchen and kitchen furniture form a unified style, make the space more orderly, and people in the kitchen is more convenient. For this reason, embedded kitchen power has been popular in Chinese kitchen, and more and more popular with consumers.
According to the monitoring data of the PRC line shows that the growth rate in 2015 of embedded electric oven, dishwasher, microwave ovens and other retail market grew respectively 40.8%, 91.8% and 23.4%; retail sales growth of 36.7%, 96.5%, 24.3%.
In 2016, Gome and many other channels launched embedded kitchen electricity subsidies, this is the first implementation of embedded kitchen electric industry electric kitchen subsidy, subsidy activities will end on March 31st, just three months time, but there is no doubt that this subsidy is embedded into a kitchen electric signal tuyere.
However, embedded kitchen power is still a hindrance at this stage.
Obviously, embedded is not just simply kitchen appliances embedded in the whole cabinet, it requires more “ &rdquo and “ electric kitchen cabinets; ” realize perfect collocation, at the same time, between electric appliances and cabinets and appliances in the design and function can also realize the organic integration and interaction, to achieve complete sets of electric kitchen product. However, due to the different kitchen patterns and kitchen products specifications, coupled with no standard to regulate, resulting in embedded kitchen products compatibility is very low.
To solve this dilemma, there are electric kitchen cabinet manufacturers jointly launched a joint enterprise embedded “ custom ” service, however, the so-called &ldquo custom; ” just stay in appearance or change some specific function modules, few can truly tailored &rdquo “.
Insiders pointed out that a whole kitchen should reflect the perfect combination in cabinets and appliances, to fully consider the effective use of space, kitchen kitchen appliances, electricity, heat and water safety line allocation. Ideally, it should be customized according to the kitchen, the appliance is embedded in the cabinet, and the right fit with the living room. The embedded appliance will set off another revolution in the modern kitchen.

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