Dry powder coating formulations are what dry powder paint, which brand is good 0?

Now the market of coating and paint products, but now we are in pursuit of more damage to the body is relatively small products, dry powder paint is one of powder coatings and modern general building latex paint in comparison with the same decorative effect, but has a higher price. After later research found that it can be widely used in various industries, has become a frequently used decoration materials, here we would like to ask what are the formula powder coatings and powder coatings which brand is good, we have a look below.

Brief introduction of dry powder coating

Dry powder paint, using cement as inorganic cementitious materials, redispersible polymer powder resin as film-forming agent, composite inorganic filler, pigment is prepared, inorganic and organic combination of cement based modern new building decoration materials.

The dry powder coatings are mainly hydrated materials formed by the reaction of cement and water (cement stone), and the addition of dispersed emulsion powder and polymer resin powder provides near ideal performance for the thin coating. Hydration of cement requires the presence of moisture, whereas dispersed polymer powders are formed by dehydration. When water loses, the film formed by the polymer powder covers the surface of the pores, hindering excessive dissipation of moisture and retaining moisture for further hydration of the cement.

Polymers are formed in a dry environment, while cement is solidified and hydrated in the presence of water. The combination of the two systems gives the film its best physical and mechanical properties. Polymers also provide better surface properties for powder coatings, which improve the resistance to contamination and retain the original permeability of pure inorganic coatings. The color dry powder coating can harden under the condition of large humidity or rainfall, the adhesive force of the coating film and the scouring resistance are excellent, and the weather resistance is good, and can be used for brushing the interior and exterior wall of the new and old building.

Characteristics of dry powder coatings (casting JF dry powder coating) as an example

1 、 woven bag packaging, easy transportation, safety, low cost, easy to use, storage and shelf life long.

2, according to the use of dry powder: solvent =55:45 with alcohol base or water-based paint or quick drying paint, adaptable.

3, with unique properties, imported raw materials, with dispersion, suspension, adhesion, alcohol ignition, water-based drying, consistent strength.

4, in order to meet the EPS white mold, JF dry powder coating to add air entraining fiber, so that it has better permeability.

5, JF dry powder coating, small amount of hair, high temperature stability.

6, JF dry powder coating is not flammable, explosive, good stability, just moistureproof.

Classification of dry powder coatings

Classification of dry powder coatings有很多,不同的配比,干粉涂料锁出现的效果也不一样,现在市场上常见的是JF-1400干粉铸钢涂料,大概分为石墨型、矾土型、石英砂型。JE-1200干粉涂料,它能满足高蓄热的效果,是纳米级的最低耐火材料,还有一种是JF-1000干粉特种涂料,主要是由金属涂料和有色金属涂料等,所以大家在需要的一定要买到符合自己的。

Proportioning of dry powder coatings

In the future we must buy paint to match, but we should also prepare some auxiliary materials, auxiliary materials, the most common are calcium carbonate, high calcium, high light glue, white glue etc.. For example, the coating formulation is toughened porcelain gel for 40 kg, 20 kg, 5 kg of slaked lime, silica powder, 10 kg of talcum powder, and then put the powder paint all over 100-120 and then screening to reconcile the dust happily together dry coating is uniform, and finally put it to scrape on the wall with a piece of steel ok.

Which brand is good for dry powder paint?

Holland AKZO NOBEL AkzoNobel: LifeWave paint

AKZO NOBEL is the largest paint manufacturer in the world, with most of its business in the lead. Its products include decorative coatings; industrial applications of the product include powder and specialty coatings; automotive repair; marine; protective and aerospace coatings; and coating related products such as wood and building adhesives.

Henkel Henkel (Germany): Henkel coatings

Henkel is headquartered in Dusseldorf, the whole world has 53000 employees. The company headquarters is located in Germany in all, Henkel is one of the global market in the most international group. Henkel consumer trust brand and technology all over the world in about 125 countries. Home care, personal care and adhesives, sealants and surface treatment is Henkel’s three strategic business areas. Based on the three strategic business areas, Henkel established three global business units: detergent and household care, cosmetics \/ beauty products and adhesive technology. It operates in 125 countries worldwide.

Sherwin-Williams Xuanwei paint: Xuanwei lacquer

The United States Xuanwei – Williams company headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Since 1866, it has been producing and providing quality coatings all over the world, widely used in construction, decoration, roads, bridges, industrial maintenance, vehicles, ships and aerospace. In more than 100 years, Sherwin – Williams company by major mergers and new product development, a hundred years is not beyond the product standards, making it the largest scale, the most complete range of products of the professional paint manufacturers and the global paint industry leader. Xuanwei – Williams company in the United States has 2700 proprietary stores, and the establishment of a global manufacturing plant, distribution centers and experimental research center. Xuanwei Williams company also through dealers, wholesalers and building materials supermarkets to the market to provide a variety of paint products.

Germany BASF Coatings: BASF paint

Basf Inc is the world’s leading chemical company whose products include chemicals, plastics, coatings systems, dispersion, agricultural products, fine chemicals, as well as crude oil and natural gas. The Basf Inc produces and markets high-quality automotive coatings, automotive patches and industrial coatings and decorative coatings. When it comes to automotive coatings, BASF paint is among the top three in the world. Its industrial coatings, the company focuses on coil, metal foil, liquid and powder coatings. BASF’s architectural coatings are based in Europe and South america. BASF coatings provide interior and exterior applications of building coatings, as well as exterior wall insulation systems.

Construction technology of dry powder coating

干粉涂料用途广泛,那Construction technology of dry powder coating是如何的呢?下面给大家讲讲。

1, insulation wall — cloth — slurry protection layer construction, 24h-48h do dry powder coating.

2, cement mortar wall construction for 3 days to do dry powder coating and cement mortar; cracking.

3, basal surface if dry, should sprinkle water evenly

4, dry powder coating ratio: dry powder coating: water =100:20 (weight ratio)

5, the deployment of dry paint, there must be a person responsible.

6, dry paint coating amount of water according to the requirements of deployment, not many water, in order to avoid chromatic aberration. The ingredients should be used up in 1h.

7, water for drinking water.

8, the water after weighing all add ingredients bucket, pour about 3\/4 dry powder paint, using hand-held mixer (less than 380 RPM) stir evenly, then pour the remaining powder paint, stir, place 10-15 minutes after the re stirring, about 1 minutes can be used.

9, the construction requirements of powder coatings are smooth, picking point uniform distribution, each separate frame from left to right a material continuous finishing hair; the same direction with the nap, nap organic glass float. The window around the bladder should use special dry powder paint.

10, powder coating construction should be the dividing line, prevent joint wipe marks, affecting the decorative effect, the grid line approach: A. on the surface of cement mortar bomb line, toothless saw play dividing groove, groove width is 20mm, depth is 15-20mm, or with cement mortar wall directly dividing seam. B. heat preservation base surface, EPS board is pasted, and the slot is made on the EPS board with a grooving device. C. in the cement mortar base surface or insulation base construction, to play the line, with self-adhesive tape paste, wipe dry powder paint, stucco after the self-adhesive tape removed, powder coating after drying, the dry powder paint on the edge with self-adhesive tape with dry powder paint, napping will tape down the joint treatment.

总结:关于干粉涂料配方都有哪些以及Which brand is good for dry powder paint?的相关信息就为大家介绍到这里了,希望这篇文章对大家有所帮助。如果大家还有什么不明白的地方可以在下方给小编留言哦,我们会尽快为您解答。


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