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When decorating a house to live in, it is a very hurt thing to leak or leak the drain pipe. Therefore, understanding the knowledge of the drainage pipe of the house and mastering some skills will help to maintain and improve the indoor environmental sanitation. A drainage system consisting of pipes, canals, and ancillary facilities that collect and discharge sewage, waste water, and rainwater. The pipes, including the trunk, the branch pipe, and the pipeline leading to the treatment plant, shall be counted as drainage pipelines, whether they are built on streets or anywhere else, as long as they are drainage. Then, water supply and drainage pipeline inspection and acceptance standards are what, need to pay attention to what, and take a look at it.

Standard for acceptance of pipes

I. testing of water supply and drainage pipelines

1. The quality of pipes and fittings for water supply and drainage must meet the standard requirements. The drainage pipe shall be made of rigid PVC drainage pipes and fittings.

2, before work, need to check whether the original pipeline is smooth, and then proceed construction, after construction check again whether the pipeline is unblocked. The concealed water supply pipeline shall be inspected by water, and the newly installed water supply pipeline shall be tested in accordance with the relevant provisions. There shall be no leakage, and the inspection shall be carried out before entering the next process.

3. The water pipe shall be temporarily sealed before the construction, so as to avoid sundries entering the pipeline.

4, the outer diameter of pipes installed in the pipeline pipe should be set below 25mm, at 100mm angle, water meter, tap or angle valve and pipe clamp must be firmly installed terminal. The pipe is in threaded connection with the connecting position of the screw should be exposed, the timely completion of the installation of a fixed card, not loose between pipe and pipe fittings or valves.

5, installed a variety of valve position should meet the design requirements, easy to use and maintenance.

6, there are joints, valves and pipe connections should be tight, there must be no leakage phenomenon, the pipe slope should meet the requirements.

7, the pipeline shall not change the original nature of the pipeline.

8, the road arrangement should comply with the design requirements, the installation of the pipeline should be fixed and firm, without loosening, leading, valve installation is smooth, flexible opening, smooth flow of water, water meters running normally. Visual inspection and hand handling are used.

Two, pipe acceptance skills

1. Water supply and drainage works. Because galvanized pipe rust, fouling, insulation, and cracking, will be phased out. Plastic aluminum composite pipes, plastic steel pipes and PPR pipes are the most widely used at present. These tubes have good plasticity and toughness, and thermal cracking and fouling, using special copper fittings or hot plastic fittings, quality assurance, low energy consumption.

First of all, should check whether the drainage pipe is open, open the tap water, see if there is a leak in the water. Then look at the water, observe the drainage rate is ideal, pick up a glass of water under the tap, to observe whether there is rust, if think there is something wrong with the quality of water supply, may require developers to provide a certificate issued by the quality inspection and epidemic prevention departments; to observe the drainage tube position is reasonable, whether there are traces of water seepage around the Water Leakage place will usually leave mark on the wall, as long as we carefully check actually can be found.

2 、 electrical pipeline engineering. The best is galvanized brass, but if the floor is not suitable for use, because it has serious Moisture Corrosion for patina wire skin; the second is that galvanized steel pipe, galvanized pipe, use is also good, but there is also the possibility of rust, corrosion is not just for the wire; the cheapest should be PVC the location for the bend sometimes easily blocked.

3, the gas pipeline, gas pipeline under normal circumstances should walk the pipe, so that once a gas leak can be found in time, convenient maintenance, no security risks, the housing by way of testing the water, electricity and gas meter readings to zero.

4, the bathroom exhaust hole is no good should not ignore the acceptance of the link, to open the ceiling to check the pipes are installed in place.

Three. Correct procedure for piping acceptance

Pipeline projects include gas pipelines, water supply and drainage pipelines, air pipelines, etc., and the construction quality of these pipelines directly affects our daily life and must be carefully examined and accepted. Piping acceptance procedures are as follows:

1, check whether the gas meter installation, gas meter word, gas alarm is installed, check whether the gas has entered the home, check the gas meter figures, paper records, and later in the gas exchange time should be deducted. Do you have a dedicated exhaust pipe?.

2, test pipeline gas can use smoke paper roll near the alarm device, to see whether the alarm device is sensitive action, alarm, sound and light prompt, while closing the intake solenoid valve, if not action, timely repair.

3, to see whether there are balcony floor drain or downspouts. Pour some water into the floor drain to see if the water is clear. The floor drain is small but the effect can not be ignored, such as heavy rain or no balcony floor drain outlet pipe, rainwater will diffuse into the living room, cause a lot of trouble to the owner of life.

4, kitchen and toilet should be adjacent to ventilation road. The kitchen and toilet should be arranged with the ventilation way, so that it will help to vent the odor, exhaust gas and keep the indoor air clean. Use paper roll ignition, fire, smoke, placed in the chimney mouth about ten centimeters below, to see whether the smoke rises to the smoke port, turn the corner immediately suck.

5, bathrooms should be left under the ceiling ventilation. When you leave the ceiling, use the hand light to see if it is installed, and use the method to measure the pulling force. Use a flashlight in the flues and vents to see if there is any construction waste. Bathrooms in the corridor with windows should be installed anti-theft network. If there is no window, there should be ventilation holes, ventilation holes should be placed below the ceiling.

6, check the pipeline installation, unobstructed and sealed: shake the tube and the water pipe by hand, should be fixed firmly. If it is loose, it should be fixed again. Open the water valve to see whether the drainage is smooth (otherwise the sewer pipe is blocked by construction waste), drain the water and wipe with the toilet paper at the bottom of the pipe.

Precautions for acceptance of pipes

1, water pipe: galvanized pipe, hinge teeth no less than 8 teeth, raw materials with more than 6 laps wrapped tight, not allowed to rot teeth. Plastic tube or aluminium plastic pipe shall be installed with special tools and strictly operated according to the regulations. Finally, test pressure shall be taken (test pressure is greater than 24 hours).

2, the water pipe emissions, pay attention to walk the wall, do not walk under the floor, floor tiles or high-altitude emissions. If you have to take the floor, floor below, require water installation must be straight, no joints, valves should be installed above ground, water inlet pipe should be installed triangle valve.

3, electrical wiring emissions, in addition to hollow floor, but also through the tube, such as with PVC tube, the wall thickness of not less than 1.2mm. Electrical wiring, pay attention to walk the wall, do not go under the floor tiles.

4, gas (natural gas) to use the tube, control the slope, joints to use hemp silk thick white paint, do not use raw meal belt, but also for gas test.

5, don’t forget to let the construction team left the wiring diagram, especially the dark line must stay wire to map accurately, just in case of emergency.

Drainage pipeline leakage solution:

1, the surrounding parts of water seepage with alcohol, acetone and other organic solvents scrub to remove dust, oil, shallow dirt;

2 if the water pipe is cast iron pipe. The paper will use iron pipe surface sand in addition to the old paint or rust, then alcohol solvent scrubbing to remove dust again;

3 use electric hair dryer to dry sand and wash parts and keep micro heat;

4 Black & Decker glue, adhesive paste, glue coating on the surface of the sand has been light, cleaning. Operate according to adhesive instructions.

In the repair, it is best to say hello with the upstairs, agreed on a period of time without water, in order to ensure the glue, this period of time without seepage, can successfully complete the coating, curing.

Editor’s summary: the above is the drainage pipeline inspection and acceptance standards, opinions, renovation of drainage pipes need attention of the relevant information, for reference only, we hope to help. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the family network information.

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