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Tile maintenance knowledge
Tile maintenance is a common problem in daily life. Tile is a relatively long life of flooring, wall materials, ceramic tile installed, replacement may have to wait for decades, so the maintenance of tile on weekdays is very important. So, where does tile maintenance begin?

Surface cleaning
瓷砖Surface cleaning要经常做。平时扫、拖地时要控制力度,不要用力过猛导致长期下来瓷砖磨损。

1) daily: daily cleaning can choose detergent and soap, mixed with a little ammonia water and turpentine to clean.

2) stain treatment: for stubborn stains, usually cleaning agent can effectively remove the acid-base properties, but the acid-base composition may cause corrosion of ceramic tile, so the use of pH value neutral cleaning agent is better. In addition, when encountering special stains, we should learn to deal with the stains according to the nature of the stains.

There have been cleaning experience know that the gap is a place where most bacteria shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, are also more likely to accumulate in the gap, so in the maintenance should pay special attention to.

1) prevention: the main raw material of ceramic tile aperture is generally dirty and white cement putty, easy to stick on top, in the daily cleaning, can be used in the crevice of brush brush a waterproof agent, which can play the role of moisture mildew, can also be used with candles, prevention.

2) treatment: crevice stains and bacteria can be treated with decontamination cream.
Gap treatment

Wear repair
Tile used for a long time, it will inevitably be some rugged situation. For the repair of ceramic tile wear, you can start with the following points:

1) prevention: regular polishing of the polished tiles, can effectively prevent wear and tear, waxing time interval of 2-3 months, can extend the life of tiles. Before waxing, clean the stain thoroughly, spread it evenly, and wait for 8 hours to dry.

2) slight scratches: apply toothpaste on the scratch, then wipe it with a dry cloth.

3) ceramic tile edge or center have little wear: can drop part with white latex paint paste up.

Tile maintenance

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