Diatom mud development “three low” phenomenon needs to cause the industry to ponder deeply

[>] under the premise of improving the living standard of consumers, people are becoming more and more interested in the cost performance of home building materials. The design and function of diatom mud products are also paid more and more attention by consumers. But throughout the diatom mud market today, homogenization has become increasingly serious, cloning products can be seen everywhere, enterprises in the development process of “ three low ” phenomenon caused by industry thinking. Diatom mud enterprises want to go further on the healthy path of development, must stay away from “ three low ” and strengthen the overall self promotion work.
First, enterprise operation cost is low
The company’s low cost operation, is the most disadvantage diatom mud enterprises, enterprises in order to seek high profits, the use of raw materials of low price, making the product quality can not achieve the most basic quality standards. Although in the short run, the high profits have been achieved, but for a long time, it is not conducive to brand building.
Two, enterprise skills content is low
Usually, a small diatom mud company needs only a dozen or dozens of workers, and after a week of training, it will be able to master skills and become skilled workers. And a standard production of diatom mud, its production process from material inspection to finished product warehousing is only a dozen. Skill is brief, investment is brief, and even some factories do not produce blueprint, also be produced, such production condition lets any person can be contributive, get repayment in the short term. There is a low skill that is caused by defects, diatom mud product homogeneity is too high, because of low levels of skills, new product market is very simple to be modeled, and even some producers in the process to be improved after launch, more attractive than the original product “ innovative products ”.
Three, the quality of service team is low
A lot of diatom mud producers not only in the company of capital and skills is too stingy, and in the construction of talent team also quite significant appearing nervous in public. From production workers to the management of “ ” “ labor cost control, light ” on-the-job training progress, in the production of workers with a handful of professional certificate, and some auxiliary work, such as electrician, mechanic etc. but has operation certificate in force under the national standard, other types of skills production line no operation certificate. Management personnel are also uneven, a lot of people who understand and understand skills, because of workshops, production, family production relations or some other reasons have been lost.
For this &ldquo the diatom mud industry; three low ” representation, enterprises should establish strong diatom mud thinking of saving raw materials and low cost according to the acquisition of the company to strengthen internal quality inspection of product quality, to improve product quality inspection standards, strengthen the enterprise each department personnel to operate and strengthen job training. As long as this, diatom mud enterprises in the increasingly fierce market competition in an invincible position.

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