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Is the current diatom mud paint of the wall inside the most environmentally friendly, does not contain harmful substances, can absorb formaldehyde in the air, and when the diatom mud in case of fire will not burn, that will not release smoke, for the safety of human life is also a great security. The following small series for everyone to introduce diatom mud defects and diatom mud collocation skills.

Diatom mud defect

1, not dirty

Diatom mud is mostly elegant colors, very easy to leave all kinds of stains for children to play in what handprints footprints for families with children, although there is that the Internet can be erased by the eraser, but there are also many users reflect that the method is effective.

2, can not scrub

A lot of ceramic tile or wall paint are waterproof, home walls dirty, can directly wipe with a damp cloth, but the structure of diatom mud itself is a honeycomb like structure of nano, his absorption must be 300 times higher than the activated carbon, once the cleaning water may direct adsorption to the molecular structure, not to clean the role of. In addition, diatom mud is “ mud ” because of nature is not water scrubbing, once the wall dirty, can not choose to scrub with water.

3, not waterproof

Diatom mud due to its strong absorbent structure, but not waterproof, can not be used too humid places, such as kitchen and toilet in these places can not use easy to damp diatom mud decoration, then the limitation of diatom mud decoration.

4, always clean up

Diatom mud itself can adsorb and decompose the dust in the air and other harmful substances, if not a long time to clean up, the wall color change, the Home Furnishing environment has become dirty, so we should always clean up the diatom mud wall.

5, feel bad

Diatom mud feels relatively rough, rugged, and no paint smooth and delicate, for those who like the wall feel smooth feel of people, diatom mud is slightly inferior.

6, the color is not rich enough

Compared with wallpaper, rich colors, vivid colors and changeable shapes, the texture of diatom mud is monotonous and not rich enough.

7, hardness is not good

Diatom mud is, after all, “ mud ” and its hardness and ceramic tile and so on can not be compared, according to users reflect, with bad quality diatom mud will be smashed into pieces after a crash fall.

8. The price is more expensive

Compared with latex paint and diatom mud price is relatively high, generally more than three hundred or four hundred yuan per square meter, the average wage earner for the economic situation will not choose such expensive materials Home Furnishing decoration, so use the words that the wealthy.

Diatom mud collocation skills

The top surface is usually light colored: light makes people feel light, and dark makes people feel heavy. Most often the treatment room is from top to bottom, from shallow to deep, such as the roof and wall of the room with white and light colored, with white and light colored dado, baseboard using the dark, can give a person a kind of light under the weight of the sense of stability, on the contrary, the shallow depth will give a top heavy repression sense.

Diatom mud collocation skills two

Choose the color according to the orientation of the room: the east room early the room darkened because of the early exposure to sunlight is also the first to leave, so the use of shallow warm is often the most insurance; leaving room longest duration, the use of cool people often feel more comfortable, the room effect is also more attractive to the West; room by day because of the strongest setting sun, love with the deep cool, this seems more comfortable; north of the room because there is no direct exposure to sunlight, so you choose should be inclined to use warm colors and color to light.

Diatom mud collocation skills three

Choose the color according to the use of the room: the use of the room often determines the effect you want to build. The living room should be bright, relaxed or warm and comfortable, while the dining room can be dark dark. Corridors and hallways only serve as channels, so use bold colors. The bedroom style is entirely determined by the tastes of different people.

Diatom mud collocation skills four

Choose colors according to the shape of the room: colors can change the way people feel about the shape of the room to a certain extent. Cool colors, for example, make the lower ceiling look higher and widen the cramped room. A dark color on the walls of the far end of the house will cause the wall to move forward. Similar effects can change the appearance of any room.

Diatom mud discrimination

1, look

Diatom mud real pure natural inorganic pigments, processed by special technology, soft colors, uniform distribution, showing the matte, with mud effect, still do not fade, can be maintained for more than 20 years without discoloration.

2, touch

The genuine diatom mud does not add any chemical adhesive, so it greatly keeps the &ldquo of diatom mud; the mud property ” feels exquisite and feels pine. And false “ diatom mud ” because of the addition of adhesives and other chemical agents, feels more rough and hard, and its texture patterns stiff, rigid, beauty is not.

3, wipe

The end of high quality diatom mud after the construction, the construction personnel will handle the dust from the surface, with silky touch hands.

4, burn

Good diatom mud can be fire-resistant, flame retardant, heat preservation and insulation materials, diatom mud only melting point, no ignition point, resistant to 1700 degrees Celsius high temperature. Fire meets fire, not smoke, and no smell.

5, suck

High quality diatom mud water, let it dry naturally, hand to graze, won’t appear off powder, color phenomenon, or stability of the diatom mud will be questionable.

6, said

The true diatom mud is very light in weight, and if it contains a lot of stones, the proportion will increase. With a heavy sense, it shows that the diatomite content is low and the diatom mud is lighter, which proves that the diatomite content is higher.

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硅藻泥 Diatom mud defect

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